Using Video in Sales Conversations: Why It’s a Win-Win!

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Picture this…It’s the start of the working week. You’re a salesperson who has just sat down at your desk. You are contemplating how you’re going to cut through all the digital noise and engage with prospects so you can smash your targets for the week. What new tools do you need in your arsenal to make an impact?

In today’s digital world it’s harder than ever to stand out, build relationships, and clearly showcase your value. The CSO Insights World Class Sales Practices Report found the percentage of salespeople hitting their quotas has dropped from 63% to 53% in the past six years. 

Using video for sales has quickly become a priority for forward-thinking businesses that are looking for the best ways to communicate with their audience and potential customers. Custom video content is helping sellers build relationships and present value propositions at scale. “The use of 1:1 video for sales conversations has exploded with an increase from 7% in 2019 to 40% in 2020, representing a 471% increase year-over-year…It’s clear that sales reps would be smart to include video in their sales campaigns.” (Vidyard). But a lot of sales teams don’t know how to make the most of video. The aim now for fast-growth SaaS businesses must be to upskill their frontline salespeople in using video and embedding it into their outbound processes.

“Visual content captures more people’s attention, keeps that attention for longer, and is more memorable than text. If sales professionals are relying exclusively on text-based communications with prospects, they are failing to communicate in a more effective way that their buyers actually prefer.” Reva Pellerin — Commercial Account Executive at Vidyard

Why Video Matters?

We understand it can be hard to secure internal buy-in when trying to allocate resources towards a new type of content. But, video and CRM tools were the number one and two enablers of success according to HubSpot. Marketers who use video are growing company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than those who don’t, according to research from Aberdeen Group (Vidyard).

Vidyard also outlines an impressively long list of business data that showcases the positive effects of video in their blog:

  • Nearly 90% of sales professionals report the increasing importance of accessing video viewing data to qualify leads, engage prospects, or influence deals (Demand Metric & Vidyard, 2020)
  • 83% of respondents report that video is a form of content that is becoming more important to their organization (Demand Metric & Vidyard, 2020)
  • SaaS companies proposals that had video enjoyed a 41% higher close rate (Proposify, 2020)

See the full list here.

Get Up To Speed: The Lights Camera Action! Sell with Video Course

In this course, you’ll be challenged to rethink your existing approach to outbound prospecting and sales by leaders from Vidyard – an online video hosting platform for businesses. Sales teams that use video get a 16% bump in email open rates and a 26% increase in replies (SalesLoft, 2018), so the importance of video cannot be overstated.

Our coaches will walk you through the fundamentals of recording custom sales videos, how and where to send them, and how to track engagement. You’ll learn best practices, body language and visual techniques, and how to craft compelling messaging around your content.


  • You’ll become familiar with the different types of videos you can use in your prospecting sequences and know WHEN is right to use them.
  • You’ll find out how to optimize your subject line, intro copy, and thumbnail image to maximize conversions.
  • Get access to repeatable video templates that can be personalized for success.
  • Learn how to be authentic, engaging, and confident on camera with a few simple hacks.
  • Leave knowing how to use custom videos throughout the sales process to shorten deal cycles and increase close rates.

The Coaches:

Tyler Lessard

As an executive at Vidyard, Tyler has spent seven years immersed in the world of online video for sales, prospecting and B2B marketing. He’s the co-author of The Visual Sale, host of the Creating Connections show, and frequent speaker on topics ranging from video marketing to customer experience.

Tyler has been recognized by Demand Gen Report as the top Buyer-Focused B2B Marketer, and by Marketo as one of the top 50 Fearless Marketers.

Reva Pellerin

With 10+ years of sales experience, Reva began her career with Oracle as a Business Development Rep and moved into an Account Executive role for Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua). After building both SME and Enterprise skill sets as an Account Executive at Vidyard, Reva shifted her focus to coaching the next generation of modern sellers to deliver a frictionless experience to prospects and drive over performance in the commercial space.

Most recently, Reva has returned to a Commercial Account Executive role at Vidyard, helping prospects and customers incorporate video into their strategy. Outside of work, you can find Reva chasing after her daughter, knitting or learning about how she can reduce her waste!

Sales Impact Academy members can enroll now onto the next cohort of the Lights Camera Action! Sell with Video course here.