New “Gold Standard” of Education for the World’s Revenue Leaders

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Sales Impact Academy took its mission to fix the knowledge crisis burdening the world’s B2B companies to a new level through its groundbreaking new partnership with the Revenue Collective.

Sales, marketing and revenue leaders are the mission critical growth drivers of every B2B business. According to LinkedIn there are 58,000,000 salespeople across the world, yet there is almost no formal higher education in sales and revenue leadership. This has lead to a large knowledge gap in scaling B2B businesses, with just 0.5% of all venture backed companies getting to Series C*.

Sales Impact Academy (SIA) -a leading subscription-based live-learning platform for sales and marketing professionals-has partnered with the global community for commercial growth operators, the Revenue Collective (RC), to educate revenue leaders through structured online classes.

RC members across the world now have access to hundreds of SIA classes every year, taught live by some of the biggest names and experienced operators in the B2B industry and available on-demand for flexibility of learning. The likes of Mark Roberge, Sam Nelson, Sir Clive Woodward, Kelly Breslin Wright, Elissa Fink and Anna Baird make up some of the star studded coach roster available to SIA subscribers.

The partnership provides practical learning that adapts with the demands of the industry to a networking community who are ready to revolutionize the world of sales for the better.

“Trying to learn your craft, whilst rapidly building an organisation and, at the same time, delivering unnatural revenue growth is unrelenting,” said Paul Fifield, CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Impact Academy. “Finally revenue leaders and their teams have access to world class, structured sales education that means millions of people can stop reinventing the wheel and focus on best-practise execution”.
“The Revenue Collective and Sales Impact Academy are philosophically aligned in our mission to support the industry through gold standard education so that they can reach their fullest potential.”

New courses to launch this year are specifically tailored for the advancement of CROs, VPs of Sales and aspiring revenue leaders. The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership will be the platform’s biggest course yet spanning 24 hours over 12 weeks-written and taught by founding member of the RC in London and Chapter Head of the Manchester RC, Pete Crosby. He’s joined by Co-Coach -Mandy Cole-Operating Partner at Stage 2 Capital.

Revenue Collective member and Author of The Partnerships Principle, Matt Bray, has teamed up with Kelly Colemen to deliver a Partnership Fundamentals course. See all SIA courses here.

About us…

Launched in October 2019, the SIA already supports over 4,000 learners across Europe, the US and Australia. Their roster of coaches sits at 30+ and will be growing substantially throughout 2021, partly driven by their forthcoming Asia launch. The year will also see a massive scaling of their service, moving from delivering 20 to 100 courses and 152 unique live classes to more than 800. Learn more about SIA here.

Inspired by’s 1,1,1 model, Sales Impact Academy has opted for a 2,2,2 approach! 2% of their stock, 2% of their employees time and 2% of profits will go towards the SIA foundation which they plan to launch this year. The foundation will focus on special needs education, specifically around autism, and provide a reskilling programme for adults which awards 1000 free scholarships a year to people in poor socio-economic environments.

The Revenue Collective

Revenue Collective is a rapidly-expanding private membership for the top sales and marketing leaders in the world, focused on executive career enablement. With 35+ chapters throughout the globe, the organization helps executives navigate their careers and professional development more effectively and more productively, with greater certainty, confidence, and agency.

Revenue Collective Founder and CEO, Sam Jacobs said: “We are thrilled to be expanding what it means to be a member of Revenue Collective to new areas, including new resources, services, and levels of support in 2021. Our investments further enhance the value and impact our Members have with their employers, making Membership an increasingly competitive advantage.”

Sales Impact Academy members can enroll now onto the first cohort of The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership (Part 1) course here.