Customer Success Expert, Dan Steinman, Joins Sales Impact Academy!

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We are proud to announce that world-renowned thought leader in customer success-Dan Steinman-is joining Sales Impact Academy as an Adjunct Professor, sharing his best practice on customer relationship management and retention.


This comes at a time when the tech industry is working to find new ways to engage with an influx of ‘enlightened buyers’ in the Age of the Customer. The Temkin Group “found that companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience. For SaaS companies in particular, they can expect to increase revenue by $1 billion” (SuperOffice). Investing in CS initiatives actually has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months!


Dan’s expertise on CS do’s and don’ts will help arm Sales Impact Academy members with the tools needed to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with their customers, increase retention, and maximize customer lifetime value.

“Is there anyone over the age of 40 who doesn’t have at least a small desire to someday be referred to as “Professor”? I don’t think so. I’m at that point in my life where most of my thinking is not about advancing my career, but about giving something back. Hundreds, if not thousands, of you already know this because we’ve had one of those fun conversations about your Customer Success challenges and I got to share some of my scars with you.

“So, when Paul contacted me with the opportunity to join SIA as an Adjunct Professor, I jumped at it. I love talking about Customer Success and helping others understand it and do it better. I’m also a huge believer in structured learning. Not just putting out provocative soundbites, but actual structured, high-quality learning. And that’s what SIA does and they are clearly touching a nerve with their approach to this challenge.”

Dan Steinman


Dan is a recognized domain expert in Customer Success, especially in a startup SaaS environment, with a deep understanding of Customer Success, Customer Support, and Professional Services from a management, marketing, and business model standpoint. He has an impressive track record of helping to grow small private companies into public, acquisition-ready companies, such as Epiphany, NearbyNow, Mozes and Marketo.


Dan will be joining an already star studded line up of resident and guest coaches in enabling the B2B tech community through education. We will keep you updated on exactly what Dan will be getting up to so watch this space.

“This will be a really fun and rewarding chapter in my career and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I also look forward to all of you referring to me as ‘Professor Dan’,”

More on Dan’s Experience

Dan is currently the Chief Evangelist at Gainsight-a platform that helps customer success, post-sales, and product teams put customers at the heart of their business to deliver better outcomes and grow net dollar retention (NDR). He co-wrote the seminal book on Customer Success which is widely recognised as CS best practice. Prior to joining Gainsight, Dan was the first Vice President of Customer Success and Renewals at Marketo during a time when the CS profession was first being established.  


He is also an active blogger and public speaker, and frequently offers up his thought leadership in educational spaces. Earlier this year, Dan hosted a Sales Impact Academy Masters event: The Age of the Customer – Don’t Let Churn Kill Your Business, where he explained how all recurring-revenue businesses need to embrace a customer success philosophy and how all areas of your business can become aligned with your customers – which is absolutely critical. 


You can watch the full event on demand here. 

Video: Dan Steinman talking about his career journey.

“So many people are in roles that they feel unprepared for and they know it. This is doubly true in Customer Success because it’s so new and I’m thrilled to bring my personal experience to this challenge. SIA is filling that learning gap across all Go-To-Market functions and it’s truly exciting and game-changing. Our companies will be much better off with well-educated employees so this is truly a win-win. I’m really looking forward to working with all the brilliant people at SIA to bring some of my experience to their audience,” said Dan.

For learnings on key customer success best practice, see our Customer Success Fundamentals course here. You’ll gain practical insights on sales handover, managing renewal conversations and regular touchpoints, segmenting the customer base, building cross-functional account plans, understanding key metrics and health scores, and amplifying the customer voice internally.