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Product Market Fit: Targeting Your ICP Across the Buyer Journey

89% of Series A and 84% of Series B companies fail to exit, mostly because they struggle to find product-market fit (PMF) as they expand to new markets.

The majority of revenue leaders are not continuously looking for PMF and cannot ensure they’re serving the right product to the right people.

This is a problem that’s plagued tech scale-ups for years, which is why we’ve brought together three big Product experts, who will show what you need to do to achieve and maintain PMF as you grow.


Amy Jo Kim
Game Designer, Startup Coach, Best-Selling Author

Amy was on the early design team of Rock Band, The Sims, Netflix, Cover Fashion, Ultima Online, N.Y. Times, Happify and numerous startups.

She has distilled the habits of hit-producing teams into a step-by-step system for innovating smarter - and it's becoming a worldwide movement.

At gamethinking.io, Amy helps entrepreneurs and innovators find product-market fit FAST - and train working professionals who want to leverage the power of Game Thinking with their clients and teams.

Chris Spiek
CPO at Autobooks & Co-Creator Jobs To Be Done

Chris Spiek has helped teams Basecamp, Facebook, Intercom, and Dropbox define their product strategy by fueling supply-side decisions (what should we build) with a concrete understanding of consumer demand.

He has also worked for over a decade to formalize and popularize Jobs-to-be-Done, his approach to product development, alongside Bob Moesta and Clay Christensen (HBS).

In addition to his work in software, he has helped launch hundreds of projects in industries including CPG, finance, education, energy, automotive, health and fitness, and more.


Djalal Lougouev
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder at Ometria

Djalal Lougouev is a technology entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in management, technology, and user-centered design.

He is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Ometria, a customer marketing platform helping hundreds of retailers like Hotel Chocolat, Steve Madden & FeelUnique leverage data to predict customer behaviour and drive profitability.

Djalal is also the founding partner of Innova Kapital, an early stage VC firm specialising in UK based technology start-ups.


Pete Crosby
Founder at Pete Crosby Revenue

Pete is a 4x successful scale-up revenue leader. He has been running SaaS revenue teams for over 20 years, most recently as CRO at Ometria, who Deloitte placed in the Top 10 growth businesses in the UK with revenue acceleration above 3000%.

He is also a founding member of the Revenue Collective, a non-executive board member at Kluster, the hot revenue analytics start-up, and the founder of Pete Crosby Revenue, a highly sought after specialist SaaS revenue consultancy.