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FROM PAUL AND ALEX, co-founders of sales impact academy

“Given we are the world’s best GTM educators, you will learn a huge amount which will advance your career faster than at most companies. Your value in the market will grow exponentially with SIA, as will your confidence and therefore happiness.

We will be grateful every day you have chosen to work with us. You will be looked after and cared for by the company and we will go to the ends of the earth for you.

Whilst we can’t guarantee or put a specific number to this, we feel confident based on our rapid growth (900% YoY last year) that through owning stock in Sales Impact Academy, which every employee does, you will make a substantial return on your investment in time with us!”

How to be Happy at Work


Love Learning

Every day is a chance to grow

Go fast

Learn on the way

Open culture, open comms

Make others feel comfortable to speak out and feedback

Motivation feeds momentum

If someone’s doing a great job, tell them - it’ll lift them up

Channel your inner chameleon

Adaptation is how we’ll survive and thrive together

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You do you

Bring as much of yourself to work as you want, and welcome others when they do

You’ve got this

Give people freedom, watch them fly

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We live on a spinning rock in space

So don’t sweat the small things - have some fun


another reason to love sia

here's what our team think

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I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience from a number of different startups/scaleups but nothing quite compares to the rocket ship that is SIA! Actually getting to practice what we preach on a day-to-day basis I feel has really accelerated my development as an Account Executive and networking, learning from and even selling to some of the industries fastest growing companies is truly exhilarating!
Customer Success
Working in the CS team at SIA is brilliant. There’s a real emphasis on giving people freedom, supporting each other, and learning all the time. There are plenty of opportunities to push yourself, but in a safe place with some pretty cool people working alongside you.
The Course Manager role has enabled me to grow and develop so quickly. I don't think there are that many jobs out there that give you the opportunity to talk and learn from multiple leading industry experts every week
There’s always a new challenge at SIA and a new opportunity to hone your craft. The Marketing team is hugely revenue-driving and touches every part of the business, so it’s a great place to build your career!
Looking after the Sales Development function here at SIA has enabled me to combine my strategic, creative, and leadership skills in an incredibly stimulating environment with such a driven and energetic team behind me. I’m learning from remarkable experts everyday, contributing to building something extraordinary for the GTM world - and I’m loving every single part of the journey!
No matter how fast we grow, it still feels like a family at SIA. It’s a team that encourages you to make decisions for you, not just the business. Being a Partnerships Manager, I’m also meeting new people and finding new opportunities for collaboration every single day - How great is that!
The Operations team at SIA is truly cross-function! Working with every department, on so many different projects and aspects of the business at such an early stage, has given me more knowledge and experience than I could have ever expected.