Everyone Is Lying to You: How to Ask the Right Questions to Get Unbiased, Honest and Useful Answers

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Everyone is lying to you… We sort of assume that when we ask customers and prospects for feedback, we’re being scientific and that whatever they tell us counts as “learning”. But it’s incredibly easy to bias the people we’re talking to.


Pretty much everyone can fall into the trap of screwing up these learning opportunities, including experienced salespeople. They’re making preventable mistakes and spending too much time collecting data that’s too unreliable for important decisions.


Join us for an hour-long fireside chat with Rob Fitzpatrick, Author of The Mom Test, and our CEO and Co-Founder Paul Fifield. They’ll discuss the most common mistakes sales teams make during conversations including hard pitching, getting friend-zoned, pursuing false scale, and failing to spread the learning within your team.



Author of The Mom Test

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years, running both bootstrapped and VC-backed companies. I’m a YCombinator alum (summer ‘07), have raised funding in the US and UK, and have built products used globally by brands like Sony and MTV.

I’m a programmer who was forced – like so many others – into a customer-facing role at my first company. And while I knew I was supposed to talk to customers, none of the books about sales or Customer Development seemed to help me figure out how to actually do it properly.

The Mom Test is that missing handbook, and is now used as a core part of the curriculum at universities like Harvard and UCL, EU startup accelerators like Seedcamp and Microsoft Ventures, and businesses like Shopify and Pact Coffee.

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