The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership: Execute & Scale The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership: Execute & Scale
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Pete Crosby Revenue
Operating Partner
Stage 2 Capital
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Chief Revenue Officer
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About this course

The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership is a learning pathway designed to be a complete primer for designing, building, executing & scaling the Go To Market in a B2B Saas organization.

Execute & Scale is the second course in the learning pathway and covers a data-driven hiring process, developing the revenue playbook, pipeline & forecast management, fundraising, and ultimately executing and scaling the revenue model.

To get the most from this course you should be operating at VP Level or above with several years of experience running sales teams. You probably report directly to the CEO & are involved in revenue strategy and delivery.
What impact this course will have
  • Understand how to hire for scale
  • Know how to develop your Playbooks
  • Know how to build, operate & measure successful demand, opp gen, pipeline & forecasting
  • Understand how to develop your team & yourself
  • Know how to handle investors, board members, founders & peers
Course Syllabus
Class 1
Data Driven Hiring
  • Effectively onboard & ramp teams, develop & implement career paths, and execute strong L&D outcomes
  • Identify the traits of great people & hire repeatedly for those qualities
  • Build a believable roadmap to the first 100 hires
Class 2
Embedding Processes for Sustained Growth
  • Correctly implement a rev ops or bus ops function
  • Systematically create & adapt frameworks for lasting success
  • Manage change & resistance to change using tried & tested methods
Class 3
Developing the Revenue Playbook
  • Develop a scalable Revenue Playbook
  • Measure & enable the team at all relevant inflection points
  • Build an Enablement function that contributes to the growth of your business
Class 4
Generating Opportunity
  • Calculate your ORM requirement by channel, you can cost opps & prioritize channels to market
  • Define an Opportunity & effectively architect Discovery & other critical inflection points
  • Understand the importance of Velocity and the impact it has on Opp & Team growth
Class 5
Pipeline & Forecast Management
  • Plan, manage & maintain a pipeline
  • Forecast accurately using a variety of different models
  • Project & budget for growth without over-promising
Class 6
Demand, Product, Brand: Revenue Starts with Marketing - Masterclass with Elissa Fink


Class 7
Developing Yourself
  • Choose a mentor & coach and understand how to get the best from those relationships
  • Avoid the Peter Principle & scale yourself & your skills as the business grows
  • Look after your mental wellness and that of your team without sacrificing success
Class 8
Fund Raising
  • Anticipate what VCs & analysts will ask and prepare yourself effectively
  • Prepare yourself & your team for the changes on the path to IPO
  • Build effective pitch decks that reassure & excite VCs
Class 9
Inspiration, Motivation & Clarity
  • Run effective 121s with your Revenue Leadership Team & deploy control effectively
  • Inspire & gather your wider team around a shared vision
  • Broadcast news & information effectively to all levels of the business
Class 10
Communicating with Peers, Founders, Investors & the Board
  • Communicate effectively with the CEO & your exec team peers
  • Present to the Board & investors, inspiring confidence
  • Educate the SMT on Revenue matters and present well at weekly meetings
Class 11
Alignments, Dependencies & Commitments
  • Create, manage & communicate OKRs and similar company-wide objective programs
  • Work easily & collaboratively with all other departments, understanding alignments, dependencies & commitments
  • Translate goals into actionable plans & communicate them to a high standard
Class 12
Executing & Scaling the Revenue Model - Masterclass with Anna Baird


Pete Crosby Revenue
Pete is a 4x successful scale-up revenue leader. He has been running SaaS revenue teams for more than 20 years, most recently as CRO at Ometria, who Deloitte placed in the Top 10 growth businesses in the UK with revenue acceleration above 3000%. He i...
Operating Partner
Stage 2 Capital
Mandy is a visionary, results-driven executive with proven success building and leading sales and operations organizations to multimillion dollar revenue and profit growth. She specializes in building multichannel teams in early and growth stage comp...
Former CMO and Advisor
Elissa joined Tableau in its early start-up days in 2007 and drove marketing through every growth phase, including going public on the NYSE under the symbol "DATA." Elissa remained at Tableau for over 11 years, helping grow the company from under $5 ...
Chief Revenue Officer
As Outreach’s CRO, Anna leads all sales and revenue operations. With a wealth of experience in finance and executive leadership, she specializes in accelerating high growth companies and has led startups through significant fundraising events. Prio...