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About This course

Get to grips with the admin and reporting side of your role by taking our newly revamped Outbound Prospecting course. Outbound Prospectors with 0-6 months' experience will benefit from interactive sessions with an OP expert and access to tech resources which will allow you to apply what you’ve learned in the workplace immediately.

In this introductory course, you will learn how to use the five core outbound channels (Email, Phone, Social, Video, Direct Mail) in your prospecting role. Understand how to research the right prospects, start more conversations, successfully hand over leads to your AE and hit your quota.
What impact this course will have
  • Understand Lead Sourcing & Prospecting Signals.
  • Gain access to automated templates for account based prospecting.
  • Master email, social prospecting and sequences!
  • Determine SDR qualification criteria and perfect handover
  • Discover SDR best practices for managing your pipeline and your everyday work schedule.
Class 1
  • What is an SDR?
  • Channels overview
  • Elevator pitches
Class 2
Understanding Prospects & Sourcing Leads
  • Understand your prospects
  • Finding triggers and signals to increase relevance when reaching out
  • Examples of triggers and signals and how to find them
Class 3
Automated & Account Based Prospecting
  • Approaches along the spectrum
  • Automated templates
  • Strategic account based approach
Class 4
Email Templates & Customization
  •  3 cold email structures
  • Examples of email templates
  • How to customize email templates
Class 5
Email Follow Ups & Responses
  • The art of email follow up
  • How to write value adding follow ups
  • Handling responses from cold emails
Class 6
Cold & Warm Phone Calls
  • Cold & warm calling
  • How to write call scripts
  • Best practice call structure
Class 7
Objection Handling
  • Objection handling framework
  • The 4 stages of objections
  • Mastering objection handling
Class 8
Video & Direct Mail
  • Video timing, content & structure
  • Direct mail strategies and ideas
  • Tracking ROI
Class 9
Social Prospecting
  •  Video timing, content & structure
  • Direct mail strategies and ideas
  • Tracking ROI
Class 10
  • Putting all your channels together into strategically timed sequences
  • Targeting
  • What do best-in-class sequences look like?
Class 11
Qualification & Handover
  • Determining SDR qualification criteria
  • Successfully qualifying leads
  • Booking a meeting with your Account Executive
Class 12
Managing Your Time & Career
  • SDR best practices for pipeline management
  • How to manage your everyday work schedule
  • Owning your career planning and progression
Co-Founder & CRO
Speak On Podcasts
Mark has over 13 years experience in B2B Sales and Marketing having worked at FTSE 50 companies to venture backed startups. In the last 3 years Mark has designed and implemented Outbound Prospecting strategies that have generated millions in revenue ...