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Megan Bounds
Megan Bounds
Senior SDR Leader at Ebsta

In her previous job…

– Meg was the first (and only!) person to hit over 120% of her leads target every month for 2 years

– She was the quickest person in the company’s 24-year history to get promoted into a client-facing role


In her current job…

– Meg is the only salesperson to have ever achieved a full quota leads target on her first month — when she didn’t even have a target that month

– She was the first person to work alongside leadership to train, structure and formalize cold calling within the EMEA team


Personal roles…

– Meg vs Dad sales training videos – Meg had the idea of her and Andy recording some videos to help salespeople sell more. They’ve proved to be very popular – 100,000+ views and counting…

– Having a blind granny has given her a unique way of ‘seeing’ things from the client’s perspective – this is the main reason she keeps smashing her targets

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Megan Bounds
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