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Amanda Arthur
Amanda Arthur
Director of Enterprise Sales for Bevy

Amanda is a beloved sales coach and enablement leader with a track record in building and leading top-performing sales teams.

She learned from a young age (5) that people buy (girl scout cookies) to solve an urgent pain (craving), and the best way to identify that pain was to do discovery by asking open-ended questions, not “whether or not you wanted to buy” (cookies). 

Amanda spent the last ten years in SaaS, starting with co-founding a company as VP Sales, followed by joining a startup (MuleSoft) that led to an IPO that led to a multi-billion dollar acquisition (by Salesforce). She’s been an SDR, an SDR leader, a Global Sales Enablement Leader, the #1 Enterprise Sales Rep, and now serves as Director of Enterprise Sales at Bevy for 14 brilliant Enterprise & Senior Enterprise AEs.

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Amanda Arthur
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