The Key to Scaling Your Business: Revenue Operations

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Almost every company dreams of efficiently achieving growth that is both exponential and sustainable. But what exactly does it take to get there? Where do you even start?

When a growing company needs to improve efficiency while generating more leads, closing more deals and creating a thriving GTM Strategy, the answer probably isn’t another marketer or salesperson. The answer is Revenue Operations.

Most companies are failing to realize their potential. Operations, Strategy and Acceleration teams are the solution. Often, operations teams have been viewed as an afterthought and an added expense but not anymore. We are in a world of expanding tech stacks, multiple customer touchpoints, and scattered workforces. Today it’s ops teams that provide the insights, the Strategy team that help find non-linear growth opportunities and Sales Acceleration teams that help point your organization in the right direction.

Join Channing Ferrer, VP of Sales Operations and Strategy at HubSpot, as he dives into the impact Revenue Operations has on building a resilient GTM strategy that doesn’t just grow but scales.



VP of Global Sales Strategy and Operations, Hubspot

Channing runs Sales Operations, Renewal Management, Sales Engineering, and the BDR organization. He is a highly successful sales leader with extensive experience developing and growing international teams and implementing systems across global SaaS companies. Prior to joining Hubspot, he has had extensive sales leadership and sales operations experience across several technology companies including Acquia, C2FO, and S&P Capital IQ where he spent over 12 years of his career. He played a critical role in helping S&P Capital IQ scale to be a $1bn revenue company. Prior to Capital IQ, Channing was a consultant at Navigant Consulting.

Channing holds a BS in Business Management from Villanova University. He, his wife, and two children (daughter 9 and son 6) live in Wayland, MA.

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