Taking Zoom from Zero to $100B – How to Win in a Crowded Space with former CRO Greg Holmes

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Meet Greg Holmes, former CRO of Zoom who was employee number six back in 2013 and took the company from nothing to IPO and a subsequent market cap of $100B.

Discover the alternative way to build and scale a revenue organization, one that created the best CAC payback metrics of ANY public SaaS company in history. Greg will reveal how an epic combination of extreme product-market fit + culture created one of the most iconic tech companies of the last decade
  • How Greg almost missed out on the CRO gig
  • How Zoom is the poster child for Product Lead Growth
  • How to win in a competitive space and stay ahead
  • How to build a genuinely special culture



Former CRO, Zoom

I love working hard to bring out the best in people. I started my career as an elementary school teacher, and the amazing experience of seeing young people take coaching and learning and apply it to growing as individuals was the ultimate reward. I took the joy I had in that first role into sales leadership and continue to be inspired by seeing team members achieve their personal and professional goals, and watching a team deliver amazing results together.

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