Mythbusters for 2021: Widely Held Notions on Investing & Running Your SaaS Business That Are No Longer Correct

Mythbusters for 2021

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Many long-standing assumptions about how our markets operate has changed; technological advancements coupled with the response to the pandemic over the last 9 months has had a crazy impact on businesses.

Join Karan Mehandru, Managing Director & Head of Venture Capital at Steadfast Financial and Anna Baird, CRO of Outreach, in challenging widely held assumptions about sales technology, unpack how the sales funnel is adapting to what investors are looking for and where VC’s are placing their bets.

Their insights are based on the thousands of companies they work with. You will learn how to better prepare your company for the next phase in our crazy economy, as well as understand how to position your startup for that next fundraise.


  • Scaling Trends Across 1000s of SaaS Companies
  • Sales and Marketing Funnel Changes
  • The Evolution of the Sales Tech Stacks
  • How to Position Your Startup for the Next Fundraise



CRO at Outreach

As Outreach’s CRO, Anna leads all sales and revenue operations. With a wealth of experience in finance and executive leadership, she specializes in accelerating high growth companies and has led startups through significant fundraising events. Prior to Outreach, she served as CFO of Livongo, Senior Vice President at McAfee, and Partner at KPMG. There she was the Global Lead Partner on several premier technology companies, including Google and Intuit. Anna is a CPA and is Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

Managing Director, Steadfast Financial

Karan Mehandru leads the Venture Capital practice for Steadfast Financial. He focuses on the Future of Work, leading investments in SaaS, big data, cloud computing and mobile startups. Before joining Steadfast, Karan worked at Trinity Ventures as a General Partner, where his Investments have included Auth0, Cohesity, Outreach, MileIQ (acq. Microsoft), Preact (acq. Spotify), RJMetrics (acq. Magento) and Simply Measured (acq. Sprout Social). Prior to Trinity, Karan worked at Scale Ventures and spent almost a decade in GTM operating roles.

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