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"The SDR team booked 260 demos between them last month which is an average of 26 per person - beautiful numbers!! This is a 36% increase in opportunities in our top of funnel. I've no doubt that Sales Impact Academy has had a huge impact on the team's performance.”

customer stories

“Our close rate at the beginning of the year was around 20% and now we’re at 30% across the team, thanks to the practical lessons our AEs learnt on the Managing the Complete Sales Cycle course. Overall that’s a 50% increase!”

“The cost of Sales Impact Academy is a quarter of the price that I would pay to hire a full-time trainer to service three global territories and deliver everything face to face. The SIA platform is incredibly cost effective and essential for a global company like ours.”

“Our SDRs have implemented the Agoge sequence from the Prospecting Through Sequences course and have increased their number of  ‘Meetings Booked’ by 36.3%!

“Since subscribing to Sales Impact Academy we’ve streamlined our sales process, and as a result have seen a 15.6% increase in our close rates in just one quarter. We’ve also seen a notable 11%, reduction in our sales cycles, which is really helping our revenue velocity.”

“Prior to Sales Impact Academy (SIA) our website generated no leads and had zero lead capture. After implementing the learnings from SIA we had a major manufacturer and an OTA provider contact us within the first two weeks. These should generate £1.8m in additional contract revenues.” 

“Our SDRs are quicker to ramp since we’ve joined SIA and the courses available are now part of our standard onboarding for new reps. We are seeing up to 50% reduction in ramp time and a more consistent experience for everyone.”
“With Sales Impact Academy courses there is immediate value−no fluff. Every session from minute one to minute 60 is just pure useful content!”