Work Smarter with Email Automation Work Smarter with Email Automation
SIA Coach
B2B Marketing Consultant
Rowland Gage Limited
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About this course

Want to master an essential part of commercial output? Revenue, sales, and marketing ops teams, as well as CMOs, Content & Product marketers, and Salespeople can all make the most of the hours in the day through email automation.

In this course, you will learn how to capture and use data to create engaging email campaigns. From building out your campaigns and creating dynamic content, to optimizing those campaigns with lead management and reporting, this course will provide a real insight into everything you need to know about Email Automation.

This course has been designed for 2-3 years of experience in marketing, sales, or customer success, regardless of industry and responsible for communicating with their prospects and customers by email. The key aspect is that this person has that responsibility.
What impact this course will have
  • Understand your data and how to use it for lead scoring & grading.
  • You’ll have built out automated nurture campaigns with dynamic content.
  • Know how to manage your leads end to end.
  • Learn how to optimize your campaigns with reporting & analytics.
Introduction to Email Automation
  • What is email automation?
  • Common use cases
  • An overview of marketing automation
Understanding Your Data
  • Capturing the right information
  • Using data to drive engagement
  • Integrating marketing data with sales insights
Building Out Your Campaigns
  • Understand your customer journey
  • Explain the need for building nurture journeys
  • Build your own nurture journey
Advanced Tools & Reporting
  • Optimizing your campaigns: Reporting & Analytics
  • Plan for the future of email automation
  • Recap of the Course
Coach Information
B2B Marketing Consultant
Rowland Gage Limited
A marketing leader with 21 years experience in marketing, working in Europe, Asia and the US. Holly leads B2B marketing teams and helps organisations adopt data-driven, modern marketing practices to drive revenue Holly worked with marketing automatio...