The Talent Acquisition Playbook The Talent Acquisition Playbook
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Co-Founder & CEO
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About this course

Hiring is one of the biggest challenges facing founders and hiring managers in startups and scaleups. This course will show you how to onboard, manage, retain talent and make hiring a competitive advantage.

You will learn how to build a hiring plan that gets you results and saves you time in four stages: the hiring plan, your pipeline of talent, your interview process and your onboarding and retaining methods. The course includes step-by-step sessions on hiring specifically for Sales, Marketing, Talent and Engineering.
What impact this course will have
  • Work on your 12 month hiring plan
  • Build a pipeline of talent
  • Design the interview process if your dreams
  • Set trial period goals and screening questions specific to different roles
  • Build a people function and strong HR team
Class 1
How to Create a 1 Year Hiring Plan
  • Introduction and overview of the course
  • Why who you hire has a dramatic effect on your results
  • Creating scorecards and job specs
Class 2
Setting yourself up for Hiring Success & Building Your Funnel
  • Choosing an ATS
  • Culture vs Values
  • Job boards (free vs paid), Recruiters & Platforms
Class 3
Design & Build the Interview Process
  • Running a virtual team
  • Why hiring goes wrong
  • Hiring for Seed / Series A /   Series B
Class 4
Hire for Sales
  • Screening questions 
  • Build the funnel
  • Set trial period goals
Class 5
Hiring Engineers & Product Managers (special guest Melissa Trahan)
  • Screening questions 
  • Build the funnel
  • Set trial period goals
Class 6
Hiring for Marketing and Talent
  • Screening questions 
  • Build the funnel
  • Set trial period goals
Class 7
Building a People Function
  • Building a people function
  • HR & People issues
  • Making hiring your competitive edge
Coach Information
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex van Klaveran has been involved in building seven funded startups and is experienced in developing new frameworks and processes to try and help companies get better hiring results. As CEO of Kandidate he has worked with hundreds of VC backed star...