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About this course

If you don’t have amazing people and a culture that helps people thrive, it doesn’t matter how great your product or commercial strategies are. 

This course will help you to get this right and decrease People Debt in your business. 

You will learn about crafting great cultures even when remote, how to build a hiring plan that gets you results and saves you time in four stages (Building a hiring plan, creating a diverse pipeline of talent, designing the interview process, and closing great talent) how to make sure your amazing new people are set up for success and high performance and critically, ensuring that once you have them, you develop, retain and engage your team in exciting and inclusive ways. 

This is a super practical and actionable course.

Ideal for: Founders, Leaders in startups and scaleups, and Heads of People + Talent
What impact this course will have
  • Work on your 12 month hiring plan
  • Build a pipeline of diverse and inclusive talent
  • Design a data driven interview process that gets results and reduce bad hires and employee churn
  • Craft a culture fit for the future of work
  • Set people up for success and drive happy, high performing teams
Course Syllabus
Culture in Remote & Hybrid 'Worlds'
  • Identify what culture is when it isn’t beer and ping pong tables
  • Be clear on considerations to cultivate a strong and connected culture no matter where your people are working from
  • Pinpoint specific areas of your culture that you’d like to focus on as a priority
Hiring at Scale


  • Avoid the pitfalls of hiring at scale
  • Understand where your current process needs improvement
  • Create a job spec that impresses & attracts


Building a Pipeline of Top Candidates & Managing the Process With Your Recruitment Stack
  • Build a recruitment stack that scales and what metrics to track
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of your recruitment process
  • Attract passive talent with reach out sequences that convert
Design & Build an Interview Process That Gets Results
  • Design the end to end interview process
  • Create a hiring scorecard that limits proxy bias and reduces employee churn
  • Understand tactics that will help close top talent
Hiring Tech Talent (Guest Coach Vanessa Raath)
  • Identify unique tech platforms where you can find talent
  • Know how to x-ray into these platforms to find the best talent
  • Know what to put in your messaging to elicit a response from passive tech talent


Onboarding, Schmonboarding: Making Early Impact
  • Rave a clear, data-led understanding as to why onboarding is so important to get right
  • Clearly understand which aspects you should focus on during onboarding to engage new team members and drive high performance early
  • Design a framework for both in-office and remote teams


Nailing High Performance
  • Understand what performance is and means
  • Deliver powerful and meaningful 1:1s
  • Use 360s and reviews to craft meaningful development plans
Making it Invaluable: Pay & Reward
  • Understand the integral parts of a pay & reward philosophy
  • Develop a strong pay review process that is clear and fair
  • Reflect on various benefits and how they impact attraction, engagement, development & retention
Coach Information
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex van Klaveran has been involved in building seven funded startups and is experienced in developing new frameworks and processes to try and help companies get better hiring results. As CEO of Kandidate he has worked with hundreds of VC backed star...
Founder + CEO
Anouk and her team support high-growth startups to scale through all things People, Culture + Leadership. Since founding Unleashed in 2017, the Unleashed team of 12 (and growing) have worked with over 80 high-growth startups, scale-ups, VCs, and acce...
Guest Coach
Head Cheerleader & Founder
The Talent Hunter
Vanessa is a Talent Sourcing Trainer and global Talent Sourcer. She is all about finding Talent where they like to spend their time, and where no one else is looking. She is an accomplished Keynote Speaker, Personal Branding Specialist and is working...