The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership: Design & Build The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership: Design & Build
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Pete Crosby Revenue
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Stage 2 Capital
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Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, Former CRO
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About this course

The Definitive Guide to Revenue Leadership is a learning pathway created as a complete primer for designing, building, executing & scaling the Go To Market in a B2B SaaS organization.

Design & Build is the first course in the learning pathway and covers designing & building the revenue function. It will touch on product-market fit, the Raskin Matrix, unit economics, and creating the right culture.

To get the most from this course you should be operating at VP Level or above with several years of experience running sales teams. You probably report directly to the CEO & are involved in revenue strategy and delivery.

This course was designed for VP Level or above with several years of experience running sales teams. You probably report directly to the CEO & are involved in revenue strategy and delivery.
What impact this course will have
  • Be able to confidently guide your executive team through the GTM process
  • Be able to contribute effectively & strategically to Product & Engineering decisions
  • Know how to design your value proposition
  • Know how to build a predictable model
  • Have a model to prioritize and focus your time
Course Syllabus
September 07th 2021
Class 1 | Modelling the Go To Market
  • Implement the BICEP framework for revenue evaluation
  • Learn how to analyze the market, build your ICP & an executable Bottoms Up Plan
September 09th 2021
Class 2 | Designing Product Market Fit & Defensibility
  • Map your Buyer Journey & Ideal Customer Profile to shape your Value Proposition
  • Define the Needs, Value & Delivery within a PMF framework to tailor your persona fit
  • Deploy the Core Value Question Framework to pinpoint mission criticality
September 14th 2021
Class 3 | Unit Economics & Leading Indicators
  • Understand & apply the crucial KPIs of NRR, CAC & LTV
  • Conceive & design an Early Warning System & use dashboards to track performance
  • Apply key SaaS measures like Velocity to measure your success
September 16th 2021
Class 4 | The Raskin Matrix & the Value Proposition
  • Articulate your value proposition with consistency & clarity
  • Create trust and urgency when designing your value proposition
  • Position the value proposition optimally within the sales process
September 21st 2021
Class 5 | Creating the Right Culture & Compensation
  • Apply the principles of psychological safety, mental wellness & a winning mentality to lead your team effectively
  • Design an impactful compensation plan
  • Invest in your team through development & rewards
September 23rd 2021
Class 6 | Predictable, Scalable, Repeatable
  • Architect an effective buyer-driven outbound model covering the 4 stages of sales
  • Use the PRE-SC-RPT model to identify where to focus
  • Deploy a strategic framework for Repeatability
September 28th 2021
Class 7 | Getting the Revenue Leadership Team & Key Hires Right
  • Use a framework for identifying and hiring the roles you need in your organization
  • Adopt the Elite Leadership Framework to develop a blended, diverse revenue leadership unit
  • Coach an elite revenue leadership team
September 30th 2021
Class 8 | Demand Gen & the Marketing Function
  • Understand & implement the principles of powerful demand generation
  • Build an effective SaaS marketing team
  • Understand & implement the principles behind Account Based Marketing
October 05th 2021
Class 9 | The Importance of the Partnership Function
  • Analyze the market & category you are in to shape an effective Partnerships strategy
  • Build a Partnerships model that works for your business
  • Run channel programs that contribute to spectacular growth
October 07th 2021
Class 10 | Time, Focus, Risk - Staying on Top of Your Time & Priorities
  • Deploy time management frameworks to ensure you have time for strategy, people & planning
  • Effectively choose where to focus your time in order to win
  • Manage Risks & Issues effectively
October 12th 2021
Class 11 | Building the Revenue Model - Masterclass with Mark Roberge
  • Understand the Holistic Go-To-Market System Design
  • Adjust the GTM System to Your Unique Business Context
  • Use Data to Test, Iterate, and Optimize Your GTM System
October 14th 2021
Class 12 | Executing & Scaling the Revenue Model

Masterclass with Greg Holmes

  • Effectively Onboard & Ramp Teams
  • Develop & Implement Career Paths
  • Execute Strong L&D Outcomes
  • Identify the Traits of Great People & Hire Repeatedly for those Qualities and Build a Believable Roadmap to the First 100 Hires.
Pete Crosby Revenue
Pete is a 4x successful scale-up revenue leader. He has been running SaaS revenue teams for more than 20 years, most recently as CRO at Ometria, who Deloitte placed in the Top 10 growth businesses in the UK with revenue acceleration above 3000%. He i...
Operating Partner
Stage 2 Capital
Mandy is an expert in thoughtfully scaling sales organizations and maximizing revenue. Mandy has hired & mentored hundreds of sales leaders, led thousands of sales professionals, and built & scaled some of the largest, fastest-growing sales s...
Guest Coach
Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, Former CRO
Mark Roberge is the former CRO of Hubspot growing revenue from zero to $100M and expanding the team from 1 to 450 employees. He is also the bestselling author of the award-winning book, “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and I...