Prospecting to the Enterprise Prospecting to the Enterprise
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VP, Growth & Enablement
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About this course

Do you want to learn how to prospect and build engagement with Enterprise companies to drive momentum in your sales funnel?

Designed for SDRs and AEs who are doing their own prospecting, this course takes a deep dive into the critical elements of success when reaching out to Enterprise prospects.

Through this course, you’ll understand how to research accounts, identify key buying stakeholders and position your company’s value to the greatest effect.

You’ll learn the most effective and efficient ways of creating conversations, using different levels of personalization for different levels of the buying chain, leveraging conversations with individual contributors, and crafting executive-ready messaging focused on strategic business initiatives.

You’ll see how to build productive relationships with your AE or SDR partners, accelerate ‘aha’ moments by showing not telling and how to make the most of referrals, relationships, and your own company’s executives.

And you’ll gain a great understanding of how to maintain momentum even after the first meeting is booked, identifying key points in live prospect interaction, crafting effective post-meeting messaging, creating strategies around who you need an audience with, and executing effective early-stage deal tactics to earn the next meeting.

This course has been designed for SDRs and AEs with at least 6 months experience in prospecting to non-enterprise sectors, and any level of experience prospecting to the enterprise.
By the end of this course you should be able to:
  • Create prospecting campaigns for Enterprise prospects that give you the best possible chance of building productive prospect engagement
  • Structure your outreach to ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Utilize the right level of personalization to ensure you’re making the most efficient use of your time while having the biggest impact with your prospects
  • Maintain momentum in your prospecting campaigns after the first meeting by understanding your audience and the effective use of messaging and deal tactics
November 8 2021
Building a Comprehensive Research Strategy
  • Think beyond company demographics and learn how to uncover strategic business initiatives
  • Identify the entire likely buying group – all relevant personas who will be involved in a buying decision
  • Build a relationship map to find leverage points and referral-based in-roads
  • Understand “the value pyramid” to inform how to craft messaging to various levels of seniority
November 10 2021
Creating Effective Conversations with Prospects
  • Determine what level of personalization should be given to different seniorities
  • Leverage conversations with individual contributors to strengthen your point-of-view
  • Craft effective messaging for use case champions
  • Create executive-ready messaging focused on strategic business initiatives
November 15 2021
AE and SDR Co-Prospecting Tactics
  • Know how best to divide the labor with your AE or SDR partner
  • Leverage proven email and LinkedIn tactics that generate results
  • Accelerate “aha” moments by showing, not telling. (video messaging)
  • Make the most of referrals, relationships, and your company’s executives
November 17 2021
Build Surround Sound to Accelerate Deals
  • Identify key points in discovery calls, demo meetings, or any other live prospect interaction
  • Create effective post-meeting messaging, making use of all resources at your disposal
  • Strategize around who you need an audience with, and how to get it
  • Execute effective early stage deal tactics to earn the next meeting
VP, Growth & Enablement
Kyle’s foray into B2B tech sales started in 2013 when he joined Looker as the 6th employee. Over the next 6 years, he grew the SDR team from 1 to 60+ as the company scaled from $100k in ARR to $100m+, and was acquired by Google for $2.6b. Kyle is n...