Prospecting Through Sequences Prospecting Through Sequences
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About This course

Calling all full-time SDRs and SDR managers! The brain behind the Agoge Sequence will share with you how to effectively qualify and approach your key prospects in this granular educational course. Whether you’re not quite getting your prioritization right or you can't figure out why your cold calls have poor conversion rates, this course will give you the tools to make a difference.

We will take you through how to use sequences to multiply your prospecting efficiency. This will cover time management, prioritization, cold calling, creating a complete outbound strategy, and optimal responses to motivate prospects to take action!
What impact this course will have
  • Understand the principles of successful prospecting and prioritization.
  • Know how to organize your day and where to execute different prospecting workflows.
  • Master the Agoge Sequence.
  • Learn the importance of simplicity in your cold calling framework and get your tone right.
  • Utilise different types of email objections and know the best response and sequences to use for objections.
Class 1
Agoge Sequence
  • Understand what sequences are and know how to interpret and improve sequences
  • Have a practical understanding of how to implement each of the components
  • Modify the Agoge Sequence for different priority prospects and personas
Class 2
Initial Email Strategies
  • Learn a simple framework for basic personalization at scale
  • Identify and create templates for the most important situations
  • Create Initial emails for special important cases
Class 3
  • Define the three tiers of prioritization
  • Know how to create a system for prioritization
  • Know how each tier should be approached differently 
Class 4
Cold Calling
  • Importance of simplicity in your cold calling framework
  • Getting tone right
  • Leveraging past research in an opener
Class 5
Cold Call Objections
  • Importance of simplicity in your cold calling framework
  • Getting tone right
  • Leveraging past research in an opener
Class 6
Email Objections
  • Identify and handle the most common objections
  • Deal with unusual objections
  • Use the right sequences for email objections
Coach Information
SDR Leader
Sam Nelson was Outreach’s #1 SDR, SDR Manager, and Manager of SDR Managers as Outreach became a billion-dollar company through cold outbound prospecting.