Prospecting Through Sequences with Brad Smith & Kaitlen Kelly Prospecting Through Sequences with Brad Smith & Kaitlen Kelly
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Senior Manager of Sales Development
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About This course

Calling all full-time SDRs and SDR managers! Brad and Kaitlen will share with you how to effectively qualify and approach your key prospects in this granular educational course. Whether you're not quite getting your prioritization right or you can't figure out why your cold calls have poor conversion rates, this course will give you the tools to make a difference.

We will take you through how to use sequences to multiply your prospecting efficiency. This will cover time management, prioritization, cold calling, creating a complete outbound strategy, and optimal responses to motivate prospects to take action!

This course has been designed for BDRs or SDRs with limited experience of using sequence in their prospecting. Could also be useful for Managers of SDR teams.
What impact this course will have
  • Understand the principles of successful prospecting and prioritization.
  • Know how to organize your day and where to execute different prospecting workflows.
  • Master the Agoge Sequence.
  • Learn the importance of simplicity in your cold calling framework and get your tone right.
  • Utilise different types of email objections and know the best response and sequences to use for objections.
November 30 2021
Introducing the sequence
  • Know how and why sequences drive outcomes
  • Identify a successful manual sequence using the core components
  • Develop strategies to test the impact and success of your sequence 
December 2 2021
The Manual Sequence
  • Explain how to use ‘situation’ to develop your sequence playbook
  • Understand how to use ‘persona’ to create a prioritization matrix.
  • Discuss the impact of ‘size’ on prospecting through sequences
December 7 2021
The Cold Email
  • Know how to employ a cold email framework
  • Understand how to deal with a range of responses to your emails 
  • Explore the FUP method 
  • Know how to stand out from the crowd!
December 9 2021
The Cold Call
  • Explore the purpose and mindset and behind cold calling
  • Know how to build an effective call script
  • Describe strategies for handling objections
December 14 2021
Implementing Social Selling
  • Discuss how to use video prospecting 
  • Know how to leverage voice notes
  • Explore how to gamify the cold call 
December 16 2021
The Full Workflow
  • Know how to efficiently prospect through sequences.
  • Identify key sequences to drive results.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the full workflow required in the SDR role
Coach Information
Team Lead
Brad has been climbing the sales development ranks at Outreach over the last year. Starting out as an SDR, he has worked in multiple segments and now leads the Outreach Agoge team in EMEA. Brad is responsible for the onboarding, training and ramping ...
Senior Manager of Sales Development
Kaitlen has over 10 years of experience in Sales, where she started her career in the Fashion Industry at Nordstrom. Her passion lies within developing people first then paired back with processes to drive success. In the last two years, Kaitlen has ...