Managing the Complete Sales Cycle Managing the Complete Sales Cycle
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Founding Coach & Editor in Chief
Sales Impact Academy
Co-Founder, CEO and Revenue Leader
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About This course

This all-encompassing course for front-line salespeople is designed to help you maximize revenue through best practices at every stage of the sales cycle. Whether you're an experienced salesperson looking to hone and extend your skillset or you're new to your Account Executive role and want to understand the key concepts of top-performing sales professionals, this course will equip you with the tools you need to build maximum momentum in your deals and exceed your targets.

We will take you through the entire sales cycle from qualifying leads and deep discovery, through running highly effective meetings, identifying and managing your stakeholders, to writing value-led proposals, managing negotiations, and close. You’ll be challenged to examine your current processes and identify your key personal metrics for success and failure in an interactive format.

This course has been designed for AEs/BDMs of any level of experience and SDRs who are making, or would like to make, the transition into an AE/BDM role
What impact this course will have
  • Highly effective qualification and discovery methodologies to ensure you’re only working the right opportunities and understanding in detail the pain your customers experience and the value impact your solution can deliver today
  • Best practice processes for running and managing your meetings to build and maintain maximum momentum in your deals
  • Understand how to map and manage your stakeholders to make sure you’re engaging with the right people at the right time to drive success in your deals
  • How to negotiate effectively and create compelling value propositions and proposals to increase your close rate
  • Create a mindset for success to set you up for maximum performance and revenue success
June 07th 2021
Class 1 | Setting Yourself up for Success
  • Know what to expect from the next 7 weeks
  • Importance of understanding and managing your deal coverage
  • How to build momentum on deals & develop a winning mindset
  • Creating a learning culture within your sales team
June 09th 2021
Class 2 | Thinking and Acting Like the CEO of Your Business
  • Changing your mindset to help your business succeed 
  • Become an expert in your business
  • How & when to take control of your business
  • Taking responsibility for fixing problems in your business
June 14th 2021
Class 3 | Initial Qualification
  • Importance of effective qualification
  • When to use data and conversational qualification
  • Optimizing your qualification process for your company’s stage
  • How to use several qualification frameworks & ask the right questions
June 16th 2021
Class 4 | Effective Discovery
  • Why deep discovery is important for winning deals
  • Implementing a rigorous discovery call process
  • Understanding and monetizing pain and value impact 
  • How to uncover the buying process and stakeholders
June 21st 2021
Class 5 | Running Effective Meetings Part 1: Vision Lock and Deeper Discovery
  • Why gaining ‘Vision Lock’ with your prospect is essential
  • Structuring your meetings to deliver maximum value
  • How to most effectively prepare for your meetings
  • Know how to conduct deeper discovery in your meetings
June 23rd 2021
Class 6 | Running Effective Meetings Part 2: Delivering an Effective Presentation
  • Understanding the core objectives & optimal flow for your presentation and demo
  • The 3 guiding principles for making your presentation memorable
  • Know how to structure your presentation for maximum impact
  • How to introduce your company & solution
June 28th 2021
Class 7 | Running Effective Meetings Part 3: Delivering an Effective Demo & Selling Remotely
  • How to prepare for your demo to set you up for success
  • How to structure your demo for maximum impact
  • The common mistakes you need to avoid
  • Top tips for remote selling, your virtual sales environment and WFH
June 30th 2021
Class 8 | Running Effective Meetings Part 4: Understanding & Managing the Buying Process
  • What you need to understand about your prospect’s buying process
  • Understanding the various stakeholders you need to engage with
  • Key questions to elicit your prospect’s buying process
  • The use of a mutual action plan to set up the next steps
July 06th 2021
Class 9 | Stakeholder Engagement
  • Understanding the motivations of different stakeholders
  • Being able to identify and map key stakeholders in the buying process
  • Engaging with the right stakeholders at the right time
  • How to maintain momentum and engagement in your deals
July 07th 2021
Class 10 | Effective Negotiation
  • The win-win goal & why it’s so hard to obtain
  • How to leverage the Rule of Reciprocity
  • Building a framework to manage your negotiations 
  • How to strengthen your position & avoid discounting
July 12th 2021
Class 11 | Discovery Ding Dong!

Live Discovery workshop to help you implement best practices in your Discovery calls and the Deep Discovery phase of your meetings

July 14th 2021
Class 12 | Value Propositions
  • Learn how to build compelling value propositions using real-life examples
  • Understand the challenges of creating a value proposition
  • The importance of deep discovery in creating your value proposition  
  • How to monetize your discovery into Value Impact for your prospects
July 19th 2021
Class 13 | Proposals That Win with Guest Coach Andy Bounds
  • How to structure your proposal for maximum success
  • Understand how to add value and stand out from the crowd
  • Key mistakes to avoid with your proposal 
  • How small changes can make a massive difference
July 21st 2021
Class 14 | Turning Your Learnings Into Success
  • Overview of key learnings
  • Key learnings for you to implement immediately
  • Advice on embedding the learnings within your team
  • Additional top tips on building momentum in your deals
Coach Information
Founding Coach & Editor in Chief
Sales Impact Academy
Ben is a strategic commercial leader with 25+ years B2B tech industry experience. Ben helped lead technology unicorn Ariba to grow from 25 employees and zero revenue to 1500 employees worldwide and over $200m in revenue, leading to an acquisition by...
Co-Founder, CEO and Revenue Leader
Tom has had a 20 year career in B2B tech sales, with the last decade spent leading sales teams in VC-backed SaaS start-ups. He's currently VP Sales at FinTech, Trussle, prior to which Tom was CCO at Goodlord, and spent 5 years as SVP Global Sales at...
Guest Coach
Andy Bounds Limited
Awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”, Andy’s insights stem from the fact his Mother is blind. This has given him a...