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About This course

The course will help all front-line salespeople and business owners who have access to Linkedin Sales Navigator understand how to utilize all of the tools, tips, and tricks available. From building lists, sending effective InMails, using the unique insights, this bootcamp will cover it all.

Sales Navigator helps businesses and sales teams sell even better with LinkedIn, yet many have no idea how to use all of the features. This course will help unlock all of the ways you and your team can leverage it.

Users should have a basic understanding of LinkedIn (or even better, have taken the LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass) and should ideally have access to Sales Navigator, or be getting access during or soon after the course.

This course has been designed for any salespeople (SDR’s, or AE’s) who are new to sales navigator or who don't feel that they are currently using it to its full potential.
What impact this course will have
  • Better understanding of platform
  • Better use of features
  • Increase in conversions
  • Increase in conversations
  • Increase in pipeline
November 16 2021
Setting Up & Creating Custom Lead + Account Lists
  • Properly set up your Sales Navigator profile with the right preferences
  • Understand how to build effective lead lists
  • Understand how to build effective account lists
  • Learn how to use all of the additional search filters
November 18 2021
Adding Notes & Utilizing Key Navigator Signals
  • Understand how to add notes to prospects and what notes to add
  • Use Sales Navigator buyer highlights
  • Understand how to utilise Sales Navigator unique buyer insights
  • Find more prospects and potential buyers
November 23 2021
Sending Effective InMails
  • Know when the right time is to send an InMail
  • Know successful InMail templates
  • Take the conversation outside of Sales Navigator
  • Convert InMails into opportunities & pipeline
November 24 2021
Strategy, Cadence and Technologies
  • Understand how to implement Sales Navigator strategies
  • Know how to combine Sales Navigator with other tools
  • Understand software and tools
  • Know top tips
Best-Selling Author
The Million Pound LinkedIn Message
Dan is one of the world's leading Social Selling & LinkedIn experts. He is the author of  #1 best-selling book, "The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message" and is a hugely popular international keynote speaker. Daniel trains companies and sales teams...