Lights Camera, Action: Prospecting With Video Lights Camera, Action: Prospecting With Video
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About This course

Whether you’re an SDR focusing on outbound prospecting, or an AE trying to crack into key accounts, this course will show you how to integrate different styles of videos into your outbound sequences for maximum impact. Any sales professional engaged in outbound prospecting or lead generation will add a whole new string to their bow with this course.

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of recording custom sales videos, how and where to send them, and how to track engagement. You’ll learn video best practices, body language, and visual techniques, and how to craft compelling messaging around your videos to maximize their response rates. We’ll challenge you to rethink your existing approach to outbound prospecting.

This course has been designed for anyone who is prospecting and has limited experience using video in their prospecting sequences
What impact this course will have
  • You’ll become familiar with the different types of videos you can use in your prospecting sequences and know WHEN is right to use them.
  • You’ll find out how to optimize your subject line, intro copy, and thumbnail image to maximize conversions.
  • Get access to repeatable video templates that can be personalized for success.
  • Learn how to be authentic, engaging, and confident on camera with a few simple hacks.
  • Leave knowing how to use custom videos throughout the sales process to shorten deal cycles and increase close rates.
How to Create and Share Prospecting Videos that Convert
  • How to record and share different types of videos proven to convert in modern prospecting
  • How to maximize engagement and conversion rates on prospecting videos sent via email
  • When to add videos into your outbound sequences to increase open and response rates

Enhancing Your Outbound Sequences with Videos
  • Video templates to use at different stages of your outbound sequence

  • How to script your video messages to create a connection, deliver value, and stimulate a response

  • How to use pre-recorded and custom-recorded videos to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness

Using Videos to be Human, Helpful and Trustworthy
  • How to use videos beyond your sequences to promote timely campaigns and upcoming events

  • Creative ways to use hyper-personalized videos to build rapport

  • When to use videos once you’ve earned their attention and gotten a response

Coach Information
Customer Growth Account Executive
Reva has 10+ years of sales experience. After building both SME and Enterprise skill sets as an Account Executive at Vidyard, Reva shifted her focus to coaching the next generation of modern sellers to deliver a frictionless experience to prospects a...
VP Marketing
​As an executive at Vidyard, Tyler has spent 6+ years immersed in the world of online video for sales, prospecting and B2B marketing. He’s the co-author of The Visual Sale, host of the Creating Connections show, and frequent speaker on topics ran...