Lead, Coach, Win! Lead, Coach, Win!
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About This course

Are you new to management, looking to move up into a management role or simply eager to become more coachlike? This course will help you control the instinct to ‘direct’ and enable you to engage in coaching conversations to build autonomy and confidence within your team.

From hiring coachable reps, through to coaching under pressure, this course will give you the practical knowledge required to coach people to the top of their game.

Being more coachlike enables you to lead better both in your professional and personal life. We guarantee this!
What impact this course will have
  • Turn every conversation into a coaching conversation.
  • Use the GROW coaching model as a key structure for all coaching conversations.
  • Begin to shape their team culture around coaching.
  • See coaching as a priority in their working week because of the results it drives.
  • Leave the course being confident to go and have a coaching conversation.
Everyone Is a Coach These Days Right!?
  • Understand different perspectives of what coaching
    really is
  • Understand how to start coaching today!
  • How to prepare your team for
What’s Stopping You Being a Great Coach?
  • How to listen to understand
  • An exercise for developing your teams questioning and listening skills
  • What do great coaches do?
Building a Winning Coaching Environment
  • Why developing your teams ‘ownership’ is the biggest benefit to coaching
  • Coaching ‘mastery’ and avoiding the 5 biggest coaching mistakes
  • Adapt to coach effectively remotely
Empower Your Team With Powerful Coaching Questions
  • Build your approach to asking great questions
  • Arm yourself with a set of powerful coaching questions
  • Understand the use of language in powerful coaching conversations
Learn How to Grow
  • Understand the rhythm of the coaching conversation
  • Put into practice the GROW coaching model
  • Hold a coaching conversation with confidence
Go Forth and Coach
  • Hiring coachable reps
  • Understand the ingredients of creating a coaching culture
  • Go forth and Coach
Coach Information
Gavin is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, trained through Barefoot. An experienced revenue leader, Gavin brings over 15 years of knowledge, structures and processes in SaaS, Fintech and business services. Now as a ScaleWise co-...
COO & Founder
Shelley has spent 18 years leading B2B sales teams. She spent 8 years at HR tech company Reward Gateway, where she built the UK sales team before leading the US expansion before spending her final 2 years as Global VP of Sales. Her passion for coachi...