Go-to-Market Fundamentals Go-to-Market Fundamentals
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About This course

Achieve that competitive advantage with a strong Go-to-Market strategy. As a Startup CEO, Founder, Product Leader, or Sales & Marketing Manager, you need to deliver a unique value proposition to customers - and this course can help you begin that journey.

In this foundational course, you will learn how to identify the real pain points in your target market, build ideal customer profiles, stakeholder maps, and personas; you'll create compelling elevator pitches and messaging; understand which go-to-market model is best suited to your businesses; learn about the key success metrics you need to track; and how to structure your team. By the time you're finished, you'll be ready to hit the gas and rapidly grow your revenues!

This course has been designed for Founders and Go To Market leaders (sales/commercial/marketing/coo) with limited prior experience of taking a new company/product to market and scaling it to $10m+ in ARR.

What impact this course will have
  • You'll be equipped to have well informed conversations with investors and future team mates on the best routes to market for your startup.
  • Know the building blocks and frameworks to immediately start your revenue acceleration journey, taking a methodical approach that will drive long-term success
  • You’ll be sure you’re getting the basics right i.e. ICP, Personas, Pain Points, Defining your niche and your market.
  • Will have received a deep dive on Inside Sales roles & process, KPIs and expectations.
  • Learn how to build out your growth model with the metrics that matter.
November 08th 2021
Class 1 | No Pain, No Gain: Finding Your Pain Point
  • Identifying and expressing the real problems you solve
  • The huge difference between vitamins and pills
  • Clarifying the opportunity through your pain POINT
November 10th 2021
Class 2 | Own It: Defining Your Niche
  • The incredible business benefits of going niche
  • Framework for finding and defining your niche
  • How to know you’ve found your niche
November 15th 2021
Class 3 | Love at First Sight: Identifying Your ICP
  • The fundamentals of an Ideal Customer Profile 
  • Developing your ICP pre-sales
  • Evolving ICP from early Product-Market Fit
November 17th 2021
Class 4 | To Infinity & Beyond: Defining Your Market
  • Advanced ICP development for scale
  • Defining your Total Addressable Market
  • Stakeholder mapping
November 22nd 2021
Class 5 | Nice to Know You: Getting Personal with Personas
  • What are personas and how to use them
  • Creating personas and anti-personas
  • Persona template
November 24th 2021
Class 6| Pitch Perfect: Communicating What You Do
  • Structuring your elevator pitch
  • Content development exercises
  • Pitch delivery practice
November 29th 2021
Class 7 | Looking Good: GTM Models to Fit Your Business
  • The major GTM models
  • Which factors help you decide the right one
  • Switching your existing GTM model
December 01st 2021
Class 8 | The SaaS Factory: Structuring Winning Teams
  • The power of specializing roles
  • Deep dive on Inside Sales roles & process
  • KPIs and expectations
December 06th 2021
Class 9 | Bean Counting: Funnels, Metrics & Measuring Success
  • Lagging, Leading & Lever KPIs
  • The metrics that matter
  • Building out your growth model
December 08th 2021
Class 10 | Pedal to the Metal: You’re GTM Ready
  • Reviewing your GTM strategy
  • How to apply it for rapid scaling
  • What to expect (and do) next
Chief Revenue Officer
Student Beans
Mark has over 15 years experience leading B2B go-to-market teams across sales, marketing and customer success in multiple sectors and international markets.He’s currently the founder of GTM Works, a specialist go-to-market consultancy for Seed to ...