DNA of a Champion DNA of a Champion
SIA Coach
Ex-Coach of England Rugby
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About this course

We often think of leadership as the management of other people but it is also the management of self. You can learn how to coach yourself to perform better with Rugby World Cup Winning Coach, Sir Clive Woodward, in this exclusive interactive course

Master team and self-leadership by taking a deep dive into the key characteristics of famously high-performing teams and individuals. The course will take you through how to maximize and develop your talent, adopt a teachable growth mindset, deal with pressure and align yourself with your team.

This course was designed for anyone who is interested in how they can improve their own performance, whether they are taking their first entry-level job or are an experienced CEO.
What impact this course will have
  • Understand why talent alone is not enough.
  • Use the ‘Sponge vs Rock’ analogy to become a relentless learner.
  • Know how to create a winning mindset.
  • Gain the tools to create a winning culture.
  • Know how to think correctly under pressure and tackle change.
August 31st 2021
Talent Alone is not Enough
  • Why ‘Talent alone is not enough’
  • The difference between Innate Talent and Deliberate Practice
  • How to create the conditions to maximize your talent
September 02nd 2021
Sponge or Rock
  • The difference between a Sponge and a Rock
  • How data and technology can help you to measure and improve your performance
  • Practice 3D Learning
September 07th 2021
Thinking Correctly Under Pressure
  • Pressure and the T-CUP Theory
  • Why Champions perform at their best when the Pressure is at its greatest
  • How to deal with Pressure Triggers
September 09th 2021
A Winning Mindset
  • Attitude, Obsession and Improvement
  • Success from Setbacks
  • Innovate through Inclusion
September 14th 2021
Tackling Change
  • Challenging Orthodoxies
  • Change Thinking
  • Critical Non Essentials
September 16th 2021
Creating a Winning Culture
  • The importance of the Leader in team performance
  • Collaborate through Teamship
  • Work successfully with internal and external partners
Coach Information
Ex-Coach of England Rugby
Coach and renowned leader, Sir Clive Woodward, is synonymous with two of the UK's most historic sporting achievements- England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup victory and Team GB’s London 2012 Olympic Games. Clive’s tenure as Head Coach saw England mo...