Cold Email Prospecting Bootcamp Cold Email Prospecting Bootcamp
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About this course

This course will show you how to improve the effectiveness of your prospecting emails to increase the number and quality of the meetings you book.

Outbound Prospectors with a minimum of 6 months’ cold emailing experience will benefit from these practical classes that will provide key takeaways that you can put into practice immediately.

You will learn how and why to get to know your customers, how to leverage both automated and account-based approaches to your cold emails and some best practices to follow that will get you results.
What impact this course will have
  • Implement the best cold email strategy to reach your prospects, based on their roles and industries
  • Make your emails stand out to prospects so you can open up conversations
  • Apply some best practices so you can keep honing your messages and continue to increase your open and reply rates
Course Syllabus
September 13th 2021
Class 1 | Preparation, Mindset and Knowing Your Customers
  • Identify your ICP
  • Describe your buyer personas and their job functions, pain points, and priorities
  • Define what impact your solution has for your customers
  • Have the tools and skills necessary to research your prospects, their companies, industries, and competitors
  • Understand, at a high level, the email frameworks to put this knowledge to use
September 15th 2021
Class 2 | Automated Approach to Cold Emails
  • Understand the importance of relevance, segmentation, and research in an automated email approach 
  • Write a relevant, persona-based email
  • Recognize the difference between personalization and relevance
  • Evaluate a hybrid approach for crafting emails, incorporating relevant personalization and automation 
  • Craft a relevant, partly personalized initial email
September 20th 2021
Class 3 | Account Based Approach to Cold Emails
  • Construct an email following the highly personalized, account-based approach
  • Capitalize on triggers for personalization
  • Establish a framework for personalization research
  • Craft a relevant, personalized email
September 22nd 2021
Class 4 | Subject Lines, CTA, Follow Up, Optimizations & Other Best Practices
  • Evaluate and practice subject lines
  • Analyze softer and more direct calls to action
  • Construct follow-up emails
  • Build a program for ongoing experimentation
  • Understand success metrics and benchmarks
  • Design outreach and messaging based on triggers
Co-Founder & CRO
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Mark has over 13 years experience in B2B Sales and Marketing having worked at FTSE 50 companies to venture backed startups. In the last 3 years Mark has designed and implemented Outbound Prospecting strategies that have generated millions in revenue ...
SDR Manager
Predictable Revenue™ Inc.
Sarah is a theatre school graduate, current MBA student, and top-performing SDR Manager. Her experience performing and auditioning taught her first to be a coachable, agile, and experimental SDR. Then, after following the sales industry’s most ...