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About this course

Effective cold calling is a critical element of every outbound sales team to ensure you are building a sufficient volume of high-quality top-of-funnel pipeline.

This course will provide you with best practices, techniques, and frameworks to help you prepare for and execute cold calls to deliver that critical pipeline of new opportunities.

You will learn how to use scripts to your advantage, how to make your calls dynamic using the right tone of voice and how to ask questions to build curiosity and credibility. You’ll take a deep dive into objection handling and how and why you should get to know your prospects more deeply. Finally, you’ll learn about how preparing your mindset and making small changes can greatly improve the execution of your cold calls and lead you to success.
What impact this course will have
  • Structure and implement scripts effectively in your cold calls and use different tones of voice to make these scripts come alive as you build and maintain rapport with your prospects
  • Create an effective framework for your cold calls to enable you to have better and more meaningful conversations
  • Handle objections effectively during cold calls using a variety of techniques to help you move towards the next stage in the sales process
  • Gain insights into your customers to better understand their pain points so you can build trust and momentum in your conversations
  • Make changes to your mindset to prepare you to become a cold calling master!
Course Syllabus
August 02nd 2021
Class 1 | BullScript! The Art and Science of the Perfect Sales Script
  • Understand why scripts are so important (and why myths about them are wrong!) 
  • Strategically use tone to make your script come alive
  • Implement a simple cold calling framework
  • Understand how using strategic leads can help you book more meetings
  • Identify how to measure and improve the quality of your calls
August 04th 2021
Class 2 | Objection Handling: The Art of 8 Mile and Handling Objections Like a Boss
  • Identify different types of objection
  • Understand the key elements of objection handling
  • Use the ‘8 Mile’ objection handling technique
  • Describe the ‘Double A’ objection handling technique
  • Recall some techniques for handling some of the most common objections
August 09th 2021
Class 3 | The Buyer’s Matrix: How to Think Like a Buyer
  • Recognize why it’s important to understand your prospects
  • Identify how to gain insights into your customers
  • Personalize your touchpoints with prospects
  • Create a Buyer’s Matrix for each of your personas
August 11th 2021
Class 4 | The Mindset of Greatness
  • Understand the importance of setting personal standards
  • Explain how making small changes can help you to achieve your goals
  • Describe how to prepare your mindset for cold calling
  • Identify ways to maintain and improve your cold calling knowledge and skills
VP of Inside Sales
PatientPop Inc.
KD loves scaling sales teams. He has built teams from 0-150+ reps, revenues from 0-$75M (and counting). He believes in processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success. KD consults all sorts of different companies and p...
Sr. Director of Business Development - Americas
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