Brand Demystified: The Building Blocks for Business Fame Brand Demystified: The Building Blocks for Business Fame
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Founder & Director
The Human Half
Nelson Bostock Unlimited
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About this course

Are you currently growing your team? CEOs, Founders and Sales and Marketing Leaders can lose control of their brand and what it stands for as they scale. Anyone who wants to harness the power of brand and PR will benefit from this jargon-free, practical course, regardless of their experience level. 

We'll cover off everything from what a brand is and why it’s important, to how to find a strong positioning strategy and which tools to capture it with. We’ll also look at how you can use PR in your business to earn people's attention. 

Learn how to build and amplify your brand in ways that your teams can support and your customers and other stakeholders can follow with this punchy course!
What impact this course will have
  • Acquire simple tools you can use to interrogate your current brand and help you decide how you should position it.
  • Find out how to implement and measure the effects of a brand strategy.
  • Learn how to build a brand story and positive public image as you scale.
  • Understand how a targeted PR plan can support initiatives in a way advertising and marketing can't.
Class 1
Brand basics that might surprise you
  • What is a brand? No, really.
  • Why brand matters and demystifying brand strategy
  • Different models and the argument for simplicity
Class 2
Simple tools to shape your brand
  • How to find your brand story and mapping your category
  • Using the 3 Cs to inform your strategy & defining your brand’s building blocks 
  • How to balance performance and brand – a straightforward approach to measurement
Class 3
Tell your brand’s story – through PR
  • What is Public Relations and why do you need it?
  • What building blocks do you need for great PR?
  • What makes a good story? & Big moments when you need to tell your story
Class 4
Class details coming soon!

Class details coming soon!

Class 5
Class details coming soon!

Class details coming soon!

Class 6
Class details coming soon!

Class details coming soon!

Coach Information
Founder & Director
The Human Half
Andy is Founder and Director at The Human Half, a Brand Strategy consultancy in London. He works predominantly with start-ups and scale-ups, helping them to position themselves in their market. In 2016, as their Head of Brand, he helped Wonderbly to...
Nelson Bostock Unlimited
Tim has been providing PR consultancy for technology brands for more than 15 years. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, like Canon and HTC, as well as emerging scale-up businesses across a variety of B2B sectors; from enterpri...