Analyst Relations: How to Be Placed Top Right as a Market Leader Analyst Relations: How to Be Placed Top Right as a Market Leader
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Head of Brand, Demand & Digital
Sr. Director of Global Communications
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Everyone wants to ‘create a category’, but if others don’t speak about your market in the same way as you, it simply hasn’t worked (yet). In a market where every startup founder has read a book on category creation and is defining their market in their own terms, convincing and winning over industry analysts to your worldview will unlock huge awareness and pipeline creation. Even as peer review platforms gain more influence, the traditional B2B analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester still carry huge weight when enterprises make purchasing decisions. 

This course explains how to think about Analyst Relations in your go-to-market mix, when it makes the most sense, the tactics and processes that are needed, and the impact that can be achieved. We will work through the practicalities of how to do AR well, at the various stages of company growth. 

This course was designed for Founders, Heads of Marketing, or Heads of Comms/AR/PR at a B2B tech startup or scaleup that sells to mid-market and above.
What impact will this course have
  • A comprehensive toolkit for Analyst Relations planning
  • An understanding of tactics to match your company stage
  • Narrative hooks to help convince cynical or distracted analysts
  • A clear understanding of what good likes like, and what it costs
  • A range of next steps that every marketing leader can action the next day
November 09th 2021
Introduction to Analyst Relations: Aren't they the sharks who charge the earth when I can't afford it?
  • Definitions
  • Why it’s important & when to start
  • The foundations
November 11th 2021
Decoding the Analyst Genome: Influencing the Objective influencers
  • Understanding the analyst business model
  • The menu of engagement options
  • How to assess analysts and choose your partners
November 16th 2021
Standing up your AR function: Learning and teaching new skills
  • Analogy, Category, Allegory
  • Setting your aims and Committing to a long-term journey
  • The Playbook
November 18th 2021
The AR Engine: It’s about the journey not the destination
  • Building an AR team
  • Plans and cadences
  • Budgeting and ROI
Coach Information
Head of Brand, Demand & Digital
Andrew is the Head of Corporate Marketing at Optimizely, an 800-person scale-up that acquired his startup in 2019. In this role, he runs Brand, Digital, and Demand Generation globally. Previously, he co-founded Idio, served as CMO, and built the busi...
Sr. Director of Global Communications
With nearly 12 years of experience both building and sustaining global Analyst Relations programs, Rachel’s software career includes companies like Infor, Verint, PGi, and Veeam Software.  She now acts as Head of Global Communications at Episer...