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Head of Brand, Demand & Digital
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About This course

As a B2B SaaS Founder or Sales & Marketing leader you know that your business needs a strong and effective strategic approach to business marketing. ABM is now the default choice for the best high-growth B2B companies who sell to larger businesses and this course will show you how to get it right the first time with tried and tested methods.

We will explain how ABM can find your product-market-fit, land huge enterprise deals, predict the future and scale fast. You’ll be shown how to find the right approach to aligning your marketing and sales teams to promote long-term business growth, set your people up for success, and support revenue.
What impact this course will have
  • You’ll understand what ABM actually means, where it works best, and why it’s the strategy du jour.
  • You will start to build Core Assets: What you need to do before you get started with ABM.
  • You will be able to create and execute an ABM plan: Channels, tactics and budgets galore.
  • You will identify which metrics matter most to your business, and how to optimise and scale.
  • You will lead the charge in developing customer-centric approaches across teams.
The Foundations of ABM
  • Why ABM?: What it actually means, and why it’s the strategy du jour
  • ABM as learning: How ABM finds and scales product-market-fit
  • Where to focus: How to decide and build your Ideal Customer Profile
Before You Start
  • Messaging that works: How to define and build your content plan
  • Orchestration options: Common tactics and channels through the funnel
  • The ABM play: How to plan, and where it fits in your overall marketing
From Zero to ABM Hero
  • The Budget & Model: How to ensure you hit sales pipeline targets
  • Measure what matters: What to include in your ABM dashboard
  • The Tech Stack: Building ABM for scale
Fine-tuning the ABM Engine
  • It’s all about people: Building the ABM org chart
  • For The Win: How good ABM can change culture and results
  • ABM Insider: Optimization tips and hacks from the frontline
Coach Information
Head of Brand, Demand & Digital
Andrew is the Head of Corporate Marketing at Optimizely, an 800-person scale-up that acquired his startup in 2019. In this role, he runs Brand, Digital, and Demand Generation globally. Previously, he co-founded Idio, served as CMO, and built the busi...