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Irina Musteata
Irina Musteata
Manager, Customer Success at Tipalti

Irina spent the last 9 years leading Account Management and Customer Success teams in marktech, e-commerce and fintech SaaS businesses.

She is driven by the need to make a difference to people and businesses.

For Businesses, this means delivering world-class customer experience and converting all clients into raving fans.   

For People, she’s a true believer in people’s potential and is always looking at how she can support and empower people to perform at their highest standards.

When she’s not actively working to change the world, you can find her on the basketball court or MCing at music gigs, depending on the day.

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Customer Success
Irina Musteata
This course will equip Account Managers and Customer Success professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and expand their accounts.
  • 3 weeks
  • 5 Classes