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Caroline Holt
Caroline Holt
VP, Revenue Training and Enablement at Bonterra

Caroline is a results-oriented leader with extensive experience reducing friction in the sales and renewal process for AMs, AEs, and SDRs, while juggling the intense and fun worlds of parenting teenagers. Her passions extend from designing sales training programs to onboarding and upskilling sales teams and to owning the product marketing voice and managing the solutions engineering teams and innovating and owning the RFP response team.

She has extensive experience building sales enablement materials ranging from competitive differentiation tools to capabilities & pitch decks and proposals to building or refining talk tracks and creating demand gen sound bytes.

Caroline grew up through the sales world to become a top-notch sales professional by advising on human resources solutions in both private sector and government organizations, ranging from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 and colleges to state & federal agencies.

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Management & leadership
Caroline Holt
This course will equip you to effectively plan, manage your people and report on your team’s performance, all using robust metrics and indicators to inform and justify your decisions.
  • 2 weeks
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