The Story Behind our Facelift – Welcome to the New Sales Impact Academy

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IT’S HERE! We are proud to announce the launch of our rebrand and new website (and URL!!) Over the last few months, our team has been working tirelessly to define our new look and rework our brand to embody everything that we stand for.

We like to think of ourselves as a modern learning platform and our new brand tells you everything you need to know about us. We are defined by what we offer which is side by side support, access to industry titans and a platform with one foot in the future.

We are so PROUD 🤩 of the outcome of our new branding and website project and what our super small Marketing team has achieved in quite frankly, challenging timeframes! The whole team has really got behind this and with the support of some extremely talented brand consultants, including our  coach Andy Whitlock and design agency Garage Marketing & Design, we have created something which is really special. Not only is our brand now articulated and presented consistently, but our website will provide a much sleeker experience.  

Our new brand identity:

We kicked off this transformation with an incredibly useful brand articulation project where we worked with expert Andy Whitlock to delve into the very depths of our industry, our purpose, our solution and our souls(!) to lay the foundations of our brand. 

“Our mission is to infuse sales excellence into every B2B company and we hope this new site and communication really helps people understand this totally new learning service for B2B scaleups. Out with the old fashioned, dated ‘sales training’ and in the new, modern, remote measurable learning delivered by titans of industry” – Paul Fifield, CEO & Co-Founder, Sales Impact Academy

We had our mission and our values in words, and so our next step was to add colour to the picture with design. We developed our new visual identity which would encapsulate everything we articulated in our brand words and bring them to life with fonts, colour, images and the all important logo. We got to where we are today with the incredible talent of the team at Garage Marketing & Design. 

Here’s what we did it:

We wanted our new logo to represent the positive outcomes of Sales Impact Academy (SIA): The stacked wording symbolises adding, growing or building on your business – something we hope to help all our customers achieve. You’ll also notice our ‘sea green’ highlighted side border, to represent the side by side support we pride ourselves on. Simple, clear-cut, light-hearted design.


SIA logos


Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing photo?! The images we’ve chosen for our site reflect modern ways of working and learning. No huddles. No clusters. No stern handshakes in suits – Our models are diverse, friendly and warm.

We made it easier to navigate our massively expanding course catalogue!. We’ve introduced a new way of navigating our courses and pages by colour coding each course through a design hierarchy that provides a symbol for each course and a colour aligning them with parent categories. Our new visual identity isn’t just about looking nice but also about making the user journey better!

This is across the entire business! We are working hard to translate our new identity across all our online spaces, including website, our courses and all digital assets. While a mammoth task, we are so proud of how it’s looking and that we are able to reaffirm our new visual identity across every touchpoint! 

“We were excited to be involved with the evolution of the Sales Impact Academy brand and to help them achieve their ambitions. The positivity and receptiveness of the team to our concepts has made this a really enjoyable project to be part of.” – Rachael Taylor, Director, Garage Design and Marketing

Our values:

Even though we predominantly work remotely, at SIA we aim to create a joyful and tight-knit team-we think we’ve achieved this! As part of our brand articulation work with Andy Whitlock we were able to design and articulate our values and we’re proud to share them. They not only reflect what we already are but also who we aspire to be as we grow and build relationships with new customers.


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“I love our cultural values! I think they really speak to who we are as a company and how we are as a team. It’s hard to pick a favourite, and I think different values will speak more to different people, but for me the ones that really resonate are ‘You do you’, ‘You’ve got this’, and ‘We live on a spinning rock in space’. I am really excited to start the next step of bringing these values to life within the business and get them to become something we live and breathe as a team.” 
– Alex Damgaard, Co-founder, Head of People & Culture

The website:

Like many other startups, we quickly outgrew our old website and embarked on a mission to design, build and launch a brand new site! 

We have addressed every detail from homepage layout and language to font and colour schemes. We are also setting our sights on expanding our reach and catering to a larger US base. You may have noticed our new URL it’s all part of our master plan to embrace the next point in our growth!

“We’ve delivered something that can take the better part of a year in only a few weeks. I’m still not 100% sure how it’s been possible! We’ve also had huge help from Garage Marketing with bringing the founders’ vision to life through the brand, and now we have a website to match. Now onto the sprints!” – Tiffany Frost, Digital Designer

Our website has exceeded expectations for its phase one launch, and the work isn’t stopping there – we have big plans to expand functionality, enhance user journeys and reintroduce our all important knowledge hub! Watch this space!

Get your branding right!

At Sales Impact Academy we know that so much can change as you scale up your business. Startups need to ensure they don’t lose control of their brand and what it stands for as they grow their teams. Our own rebrand has been a MASSIVE challenge and a great learning curve for everyone; one we couldn’t have achieved without advice from our newest Sales Impact Academy Coach, Andy Whitlock, who runs a Brand Strategy consultancy The Human Half.

Andy’s course ‘Brand Demystified: The Building Blocks for Achieving Business Fame’, taught alongside PR guru Tim Lines, can help you take on this giant yet widely misunderstood concept in marketing. Trust us – it’s no easy feat! By the end of the course, you’ll be crystal clear about what brand is and be better equipped to help your teams understand it.

Members can enrol through The Academy.

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