Sporting Celebrity, Sir Clive Woodward, On Mission to Overcome Skills Gap in B2B Sales

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At Sales Impact Academy (SIA) we have developed the best performance course for commercial professionals in GTM teams! We are honored to have the sporting legend, Sir Clive Woodward, as a Coach of SIA, who teaches a live interactive course-DNA of a Champion. As the only person to take England Rugby to world cup glory, he will be distilling his wisdom on how to dramatically improve both individual and team performance.

Sir Clive teaches a practical live course that will reveal how he became such a successful sports leader and took his teams to global glory. Many of us remember the unbelievably impressive performance of Team GB in the 2012 Olympics-Well, Sir Clive was the Director of Sport, so you can be sure he knows a thing or two about team growth and development. Now the B2B community has the opportunity to apply his tactics to their own team dynamics.

The course is for all GTM professionals; from CEOs & Founders and sales & marketing managers to SDRs and Account Managers on the front lines. The coaching experience once only available to the sporting elite is now accessible to businesses worldwide, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to get involved.

We all have talent, we all have raw skill. That’s not to say we can all be Olympic champions – but we can all achieve our goals if we know where to start from and where to aim for,” said Sir Clive.

What will you learn in the course?

The course will be a deep dive into the key characteristics of high-performing teams and individuals, underpinned by tools and techniques to put these into practice. Course topics will touch on why talent alone is not enough, the importance of being a “sponge”, how to build that winning mindset and culture, and the key to tackling change. 

You can have a look at the course syllabus now and discover how the classes will mold around your team. Just like our many other courses, DNA of a Champion will fit into your working day and provide actionable practices which you can apply immediately – we know our members are busy and actively practicing professionals, therefore we eliminate the need for pre-reading and preparation and deliver learnings that are practical. Learners will also receive immediate feedback from Clive during sessions and this intimate interactive format really adds value to the course. Especially in the aftermath of Covid-19, this course will help teams in the tech community realize their full potential and maximize their output under pressure. 

More about what Sir Clive is up to…

Sir Clive is currently the Founder and Chairman of Hive Learning – an app that has digitized his coaching methods and is designed to help people learn better together in business and sport. He is also the Director of Sport for the APEX2100 International Ski Academy which aims to become the World’s Leading High-Performance Academy for young, aspiring athletes wanting to achieve their goals in Alpine Skiing.