Sales Industry Combats Burnout and Business Failure with New Mental & Professional Wellbeing Partnership!

We have partnered with Sales Psyche

The world’s leading online learning solution for go-to-market teams, and an educational platform on mental wellbeing for sales professionals, join forces for Mental Health Awareness month.


New analysis by Deloitte shows that poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. To overcome this, Sales Impact Academy is partnering with Sales Psyche -a forward-thinking online training subscription supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace -to provide accessible online training for both mental health and professional needs. Alongside morning mindset sessions, mini workshops, and anonymous Q&A’s, Sales Psyche also provides confidential one-to-one coaching & drop-in sessions to any business that wants to support their team’s mental wellbeing and encourage conversations on mental resilience throughout the sales community. 

Sales Impact Academy is the new go-to educational institution providing a complete live-learning curriculum for commercial teams on an annual subscription, taught by the industry’s top thinkers. They upskill hundreds of go-to-market B2B professionals across the globe, including the Revenue Collective, through structured and interactive classes. The two startups launched their partnership on Monday as a part of Mental Health Awareness week and Sales Impact Academy is championing the initiative within their own business and to their customers.

“Together we’re working to level the sales playing field by providing education and progressive resources for both your personal and professional lives. The development and management of your skills and mental health often work together in terms of confidence and satisfaction,” said Alex Damgaard, Co-Founder, and Head of People at Sales Impact Academy.

The world of Sales amplifies the risk of experiencing challenges with your mental health in the workplace, due to the sheer high-pressure nature of the job. Studies show that 67% of sales reps say they have been or feel like they will burn out soon, with 58% feeling stigmatized for coming forward to discuss their mental health (Uncrushed). 

“I’m delighted to have partnered with Sales Impact Academy. We share a common goal, and more importantly, a mission to provide education in crucial areas that are key to people’s success and wellbeing. I’ve always believed in collaboration over competition and this partnership is truly aligned to that. Together we can begin to further support and develop more people in alignment with one another’s offering,” said Chris Hatfield, Founder & Coach of Sales Psyche.

The biggest threat to your business, right now, is your teams & managers’ mental wellbeing and the skills gap in the GTM B2B industry. Leaders can provide their teams with the professional and mental support they need with Sales Impact Academy and Sales Psyche.