Meet our New Chief Product Officer

Ryan Taylor



I am beyond thrilled to introduce myself as the new Chief Product Officer of Sales Impact Academy (SIA). I’m joining this world-class organization with over 20 years of experience in the EdTech industry, leading product development teams and uncovering new ways for conducting continuous discovery that delivers collaborative, immersive, and positive learning experiences that drive impact. 


I look forward to working alongside the SIA team to share my deep passion for learning and my personal commitment to our customers so that every minute and dollar spent with SIA, returns a demonstrably higher impact for their employees and organization. I believe we can deliver on this promise through the power of continuous discovery and mastering the art of empathy for our customers, helping to shape and guide how we build learning experiences that customers love and employees deeply value.


Empathy is one of my core principles. Understanding how to build impactful and engaging learning experiences – based on deeply understanding the needs of our customers and the challenges they face on a daily basis –  is crucial. I understand that every learner is unique, with different backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles. That is why I am deeply committed to listening to our learners to help shape and guide how we co-create the future of learning together.


I am also deeply interested in learning from you, our former, current and future customers. I truly believe that the best way to improve our product is to understand the experiences, challenges, and goals of those who use our product every day. I would welcome and be grateful to talk with any customer who would be open to spend a few minutes with me and my team to share their experiences and ideas for how we can improve our product together. Your feedback is critical to our success, and I am committed to making our product a valuable and important investment for you and your organization. Whether you have suggestions for new features, ideas for improving existing ones, or simply want to share your overall experience with our learning product, I am here to listen and learn.


Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction. I look forward to working closely with you to deliver on our mission of empowering individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.


Onward and Upward, Together!


Ryan Taylor


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