March 2023 Round-Up

Month View of March

In the shortest month of the year, the pressures of the new year really start to kick in. Whether you’re kicking off your new financial year and committing to new goals, or are 1-month into your quarter and need to start churning out results, it’s a busy one. Whilst Sales Impact Academy can’t help you manage your calendar, we can equip you with the skills you need to meet your goals.


Make sure you’re starting your year and quarter on a path to success by investing time in your own development. In February, SIA has a lot of courses to help you get started. So let’s take a look…


  • FEB 06 – FEB 15
  • Monday & Wednesday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-hour Class

We all know that cold calling is a critical element of every outbound Sales team. Whether you like it or not, your leaders will always encourage you to dial. Within this course, our coach Mike Liller will equip you with best practices, techniques and frameworks to help you prepare for – and execute – your cold calls. Which only helps you funnel more critical new opportunities into your pipeline. 

You will explore ways to ensure you set the right intention for your calls and you’ll be introduced to ways of manually tracking your progress and efficiency to improve your effectiveness.



  • FEB 07 – MAR 16
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 6 Weeks, 12 x 1-hour Class

Mark Colgan and Sarah Brazier bring their backpacks of experience to this course, as they coach how to use the five core outbound channels (Email, Phone, Social, Video, Direct Mail) in your prospecting role. 

During this course, members get to grips with the admin and reporting side of the prospector’s role and benefit from interactive sessions with an OP expert and access to tech resources which will allow members to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace immediately.

For some extra special juiciness, this course is currently being redeveloped into 6 x 30-minutes classes to make the content even more digestible. If this changes in time for the February cohort, anyone who is enrolled will be made aware!



  • FEB 07 – FEB 16
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 30-minute Class

Does 121 guidance from industry-leading operators appeal to you? If so, then this is a course for you!

During this short and digestible course members will learn how to improve the effectiveness of their cold calls. This is a highly practical and interactive course for both SDR’s & AE’s who are new to cold calling. When looking at specific skills, this course aims to increase your confidence with these key elements of cold calls: pattern interruptions, tackling tricky and crispy problems, asking great questions, handling objections, and closing calls.


OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our blog all about levelling up your prospecting with a strong cold-calling strategy. Read now!



  • FEB 07 – FEB 28
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 4 Weeks, 7 x 1-hour Class

LinkedIn celebrity and expert Daniel Disney is joined by current successful social seller Holly Allen in this course on the benefits and tactics of building your personal brand. 

This course is designed to enable all front-line salespeople to perfect an important part of the sales process. This guide to social selling will show you how to turn social engagement into real conversations & generate sales. You’ll go through your profile, learn how to be the most noticeable in n inbox, explore leveraging video and audio, finetune your content creation skills and develop an expert-level LinkedIn strategy. 



  • FEB 07 – FEB 16
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-hour Class

VP’s of Customer Success Christine Lavery and Sara Barnes come together to coach the skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage their clients more effectively to drive higher levels of retention. Through the four classes, members will learn how understanding their customers and key stakeholders can promote business success.

This course has been designed for anyone who is involved with the long-term retention of clients and would like to improve their processes, skills and strategies in this area. The course may also be relevant to those in leadership positions or aspiring leaders.


OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our recent blog all about retention management in the 2023 climate. Read here! We also have another blog around difficult conversations in Customer Success. Read here!



  • FEB 07 – FEB 23
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 3 Weeks, 6 x 1-hour Class

We often think of leadership as the management of other people but it is also the management of self. Members can learn how to coach themselves to perform better with Rugby World Cup Winning Coach, Sir Clive Woodward, in this exclusive interactive course.

Master team and self-leadership by taking a deep dive into the key characteristics of famously high-performing sports teams and sporting individuals. The course will take members through how to maximize and develop their talent, adopt a teachable growth mindset, deal with pressure and align themselves with their team.



  • FEB 13 – FEB 27
  • Monday & Wednesday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-hour Class

This course will show you how to improve the effectiveness of your prospecting emails to increase the number and quality of the meetings you book. Mark Colgan and Sarah Jane Hicks join forces to coach how and why to get to know your customers, how to leverage both automated and account-based approaches to your cold emails and some best practices to follow that will get you results.

The development of this course was designed for SDRs and AEs who are doing cold outbound prospecting with a minimum of 6 months’ cold email experience. For anyone with less experience, we recommend taking Outbound Prospecting first.



  • FEB 14 – FEB 23
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 30-minute Class

Up to 60% of all deals are lost to ‘no decision’ leading to huge numbers of lost opportunities for AE’s. This course will help members to win more deals by providing them with key skills to overcome buyer indecision and avoid any unnecessary deal loss or deals stalling indefinitely. 

The coaches will introduce key concepts that focus on understanding the causes of indecision, judging the level of a prospect’s indecision, providing recommendations to hesitant buyers to move them forward, and limiting excessive purchase exploration by buyers. By the end of this course, you will feel more comfortable using various frameworks to guide buyers through indecision, anticipate objections, and set expectations to manage risk.


OTHER RESOURCES: Why not take a look at our blog written about the JOLT book, as the perfect primer for Combat Buyer Hesitation? Read here if you’re interested.



  • FEB 21 – MAR 01
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-hour Class

Amanda Georgoff and Sean Southworth join forces to coach the skills needed to help AE’s get to grips with the skills and knowledge required to accelerate their deals, with actionable insights to put into practice straight away.

Starting with an understanding of how and why we use an account-based sales approach, we will explore how to effectively segment your accounts into tiers and the appropriate strategy for selling to each tier. We build on this by learning how to create an account plan, and how to rally your internal team to execute your plan.



  • FEB 21 – MAR 09
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • DURATION: 3 Weeks, 6 x 1-hour Class

Calling all CS professionals with 2 or more years of experience (!!). This course is designed to help CSMs build deeper, more proactive expertise throughout the customer journey. Members will find out how to use key metrics to explain why customer success is a critical part of their business. Learn industry-leading best practices on segmenting your customer base, build cross-functional strategic account plans, and nail your health scoring.

By the end of this course, Jacqueline Abernathy and Laura Kightlinger will have coached members to have a deeper understanding of the typical targets and incentives for CS teams, and be running some of the best reviews in the industry!



Interested but not sure which course is right for you? Get in touch with your CSM or CS Specialists who will be able to help craft a learning journey bespoke to you. 


Not yet a member? We can help!