January 2023 Roundup

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What is your resolution for 2023? Get more sleep? Travel more? Get a promotion? While Sales Impact Academy can’t help you with sleep or your travel plans we can help you on your path to a promotion! 

Self-improvement starts with learning and SIA has a full host of courses running in January. Let’s take a look at what is on offer.

List of all courses coming up in January 2023


    • JAN 09 – JAN 18
    • Monday & Wednesday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-hour Class

This speedy course for both SDR’s & AE’s will provide you with the skills you need to increase the number and quality of the meetings you book. It was recently updated to include more opportunities for practice and interactive drills. 

Learners can also access exclusive 1 to 1 direct feedback from our experienced coaches. 

The course aims to increase your confidence with these key elements of cold calls: pattern interruptions, tackling tricky and crispy problems, asking great questions, handling objections, and closing calls.


    • JAN 09 – JAN 26
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 3 Weeks, 6 x 1-hour Class

This course has been designed for BDRs or SDRs with limited experience in using sequences in their prospecting and also drives value for Managers of SDR teams. 

Within this course, Brad Smith and Kaitlen Kelly share their tips and tricks for how to effectively qualify and approach your key prospects. Members are taken through how to use sequences to multiply prospecting efficiency, covering time management, prioritization, cold calling, creating a complete outbound strategy, and optimal responses to motivate prospects to take action!

Whether you’re not quite getting your prioritization right or you can’t figure out why your cold calls have poor conversion rates, this course will give you the tools to make a difference.

OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our recent blog post for more prospecting and cold-calling tips and tricks.


    • JAN 09 – FEB 22
    • Monday & Tuesday
    • DURATION: 7 Weeks, 14 x 1-hour Class

This is an all-encompassing course for front-line salespeople and is designed to help members maximize their revenue through best practices at every stage of the sales cycle.

Whether you’re an experienced salesperson looking to hone and extend your skillset or you’re new to your Account Executive role and want to understand the key concepts of top-performing sales professionals, this course will equip you with the tools you need to build maximum momentum in your deals and exceed your targets.

Ben Wright, Tom Glason and Andy Bounds work together to make sure each member has the ability to run highly-effective qualification and discovery methodologies, ensuring you’re only working the right opportunities and understanding in detail the pain your customers experience and the value impacts your solution can deliver today.


    • JAN 09 – JAN 18
    • Monday & Wednesday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 30-Minute Class

In this course, Andy Bounds and Megan Bounds help you to drive greater revenue through great Sales conversations, that ultimately build momentum in your Sales cycle.

When you know that Sales is basically having lots of conversations, you know that the more successful they are, the more successful you’ll be. This course will show you exactly how to have meaningful conversations with prospects that lead to them buying more often, and more quickly.

Account Executives and Sales Development Reps are encouraged to take this course to uncover your prospect’s ideal future state and be able to articulate how you can enable that change.


    • JAN 10 – JAN 17
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 3 x 1-Hour Class

Rather than viewing objections as a challenge, this course will show you how to view them as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of, and relationship with, your prospects. You’ll be given the tools to reframe, explore, and overcome objections throughout the sales cycle.

Objections can happen at any stage in the sales cycle and if they are not discovered, explored and resolved early in the sales process, they can hold up or cause you to lose deals. Our coaches will give you a framework to handle any objection more effectively along with practical guidance for handling the most common objections, moving them from a “no” to a solution opportunity.


    • JAN 17 – JAN 26
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 3 x 1-Hour Class

This course will provide CSMs with the tools to expand their knowledge and skills in navigating difficult conversations. Learners will practice conversation management to increase their confidence in maintaining a trusting and productive relationship with their clients. 

The course begins by uncovering the challenges CSMs encounter in their conversations, presenting a strategy to develop a shared success plan, demonstrating actions to take to mitigate the challenges and identifying measurements to review success.

OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our recent blog post for a deep dive into the definition of difficult conversations in Customer Success.


    • JAN 10 – JAN 19
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-Hour Class

In this course, members have the chance to learn some key elements of people management such as giving effective feedback, running successful 1:1s, handling difficult conversations, and building career development plans.

Whether a first-time manager or an advanced leader, this course will provide our members with the fundamental knowledge and skills that they need to lead your team effectively. It is structured around four main areas of leadership: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading With Communication, and Leading With Metrics.

OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our recent blog post for a look at tips and tricks for moving into your first leadership role.


    • JAN 10 – JAN 19
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 1-Hour Class

This course helps managers and team lead’s to take control of their data to drive success in their teams and help achieve and exceed targets. Our coaches, Brooke Bachesta and Marlenya Mohler, help learners to avoid common pitfalls of data collection and management in order to develop high-performing processes such as setting KPIs, coaching team members to success, and onboarding and ramping new hires.

Where we know that a key part of managing or leading a successful SDR team is using data to give you the insights you need to make the right decisions at the right time, this course can help you get to a position of success. 

OTHER RESOURCES: Check out our recent blog post for more advice on what can and should be tracked when managing SDRs or Inside Sales Teams. You can also check out our guest blog post from Coach Brooke Bachesta about rolling out methodology. 


    •  **Only Available for a Limited Time**
    • JAN 17 – JAN 26
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • DURATION: 2 Weeks, 4 x 30-Minute Class

For a limited one-time course, we’re joined by Larry Long Jr. to deliver a snappy and digestible course in response to the global professional and financial climates.

The markets are down, inflation isn’t going anywhere, investments are slowing and buyers are pulling back. But, you can still succeed. This course will give you the tools to create your own opportunities for sales growth and success and allow you to thrive in uncertainty.

SPECIAL EVENT: Leading Successful Revenue Teams in a Down Market

    • JAN 25
    • Tuesday
    • DURATION: 1 Week, 1 x 1-Hour Class

The tech market has seen a historic correction in valuations. Starting in the public markets, this has rapidly trickled down to the private markets.

These lowered valuations are already hitting hard, with delayed fundraising requiring the immediate extension of cash runways. For others, significant changes to growth plans, including unprecedented layoffs, are becoming critical to fast-forward the journey towards break even and profitability; versus the growth at any cost mentality, we have seen for the last few years.

Macroeconomic pressures are compelling tech buyers to press pause on new investments. Sales cycles are taking longer, decision-making is becoming more complex, and companies find they must create greater efficiencies in order to weather this extraordinary perfect storm. Consequently, many companies are preparing to miss vital quarterly targets for the first time.

During this event, we will be joined by Pete Crosby, Eldar Tuvey, Mark Roberge and Michelle Milbourn – four of the most important thinkers & SaaS strategists in the world –  as they discuss actionable strategies to accomplish growth in a down market.