How to Increase your Sales in Just Five Minutes a Day?

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When it comes to sales, it can be difficult to know what to focus on. How do you know you’re spending your time on prospecting in the right way?

One innovative system, ‘5 minute Selling’, offers an opportunity to dramatically increase sales by focusing on targeted prospecting activity – all for just five minutes, every day.

Alex Goldfayn grows companies. He is the CEO of the Revenue Growth Consultancy, which works with organisations to implement systems of remote and proactive selling that routinely generates 10%-20% in new overall sales annually. His clients include manufacturers, distributors, and business-to-business service organisations and delivers more than 75 workshops and keynotes yearly.

During our ‘live broadcast, Alex gives the lowdown on exactly how to spend those five valuable minutes a day in order to guarantee maximum returns.

Did you know you can make a huge impact on your bottom line in just five proactive minutes of sales a day? Sales Growth is not just about taking massive action and hoping something sticks. It’s about being extremely focused on what’s going to make a real difference.

When you know exactly what to focus on, you can make your five minutes a day really intentional, and you will sell more. In 5 minutes, you could ask a lot of ‘Did you know I offer…. ?(seminars, workshops, courses) questions to prospects. 

For each of these you will close a certain amount of deals, statistically it’s around 20%. For example, if you ask 50 people over the course of a week, you’ll close 10 sales, and if you ask 5000 over a few months you’ll close 1000.

It’s important to have these conversations with people that we know – all of us know hundreds of people, even if we don’t know them very well. So it’s just a case of reaching out to these people within your five minutes a day.

Calling your prospects

Firstly, plan it out. Who are you going to call in five minutes? We might have CRM software, but unless we use it perfectly, it doesn’t tell us who to call.

There’s different types of customers you can speak to:

  • Customers you haven’t talked to for three months or more
  • Customers who used to buy, but stopped. 

Make notes on the call.

  • What did you say, what did they say?
  • The value of the call – how much will that be worth for you if it closes?

Then you know what to follow up on. You can track it, and get proof of your success.

What if your customers aren’t in the office?

Due to COVID-19, our customers may not be in the office, or if they are, there’s not as many people. But we do all have our phones next to us.

You can even text your prospects. It’s certain that they will see it and give it the attention it needs. Your phone is almost as personal as face to face, because you can talk to a lot more people than you can go and see. 


The 5-minute selling system

This creates predictable sales, because it’s something you can implement, and test. 

Over time, it compounds. 

Start by calling people you know. Think about how many people you’re going to reach out to per day, and do it.

  • Alex’s company sends seven texts a day, and he makes five calls a day on his own. He gets names of seven people a day and they send emails or texts, to schedule a call. 
  • If you do 10 a day, that’s 200 a month, 2400 a year. If you do that, you can expect to connect with 700-900 prospects a year.

This is what to do to sell anything. It’s a proven system that works.

Overcoming the fear of rejection

First thing in the morning is a good time to do the most uncomfortable and stressful thing. 

So make those calls in the morning, and you can get on with your day.

There is a virtuous circle – because if the call goes well, you’re happy and excited, and then that energy goes into the next call, and the next one. Success feeds success.

Fear is a mindset issue. The answer is the first phone call.

Procrastination and timidity leads to more of that. Avoidance leads to more avoidance. If you’re so afraid of picking up the phone, that’s a vicious circle. 

Picking up the phone is the way out of that circle and is a way to feed your family and raise that money.

It all starts with that first call.


Tracking your prospecting

You can use Alex’s call planner. If you don’t have a CRM, you can use a spreadsheet. 

He also has a Follow up planner. This is when you need to contact your prospects for the following reasons:

  • Pre quote/proposal
  • One who already has a proposal
  • Customers who could buy more

Consistency is key – just a little bit, every day, all the time.


Using LinkedIn for prospecting

Use Linkedin messages if it’s your only direct link. 

Question is – is it your only route to contact them? Do you have mutual friends or customers in common? Call those people first.

Use Linkedin as a way to get a phone number from there and take the relationship to the next step.

You can even leave a message if you don’t get through on a call. Leave a good message to say ‘I was thinking about you, would love to connect – here’s my number’. 

People usually feel like they owe you the return phone call. 

Get started today

  • Don’t over-plan it. Don’t try to make it perfect – just start.
  • Download the planners and the trackers from 5 Minutes A Day to use straight away

People are concerned about morally selling to others during the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment. But your customers still need you – help them!  We all have a shared experience at the moment, so we can use that to connect. So it’s easier than ever to chat to strangers.


Thank you to Alex Goldfayn for the hugely helpful information!