December 2022 Customer Impact Summit: Tips and Tricks to Supercharge your Enablement Strategy in 2023

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Sales Impact Academy hosted its inaugural Customer Impact Summit in December of 2022. This was the first quarterly summit event focused on offering enablement guidance to and celebrating our customers.

You can watch the video below!

What’s Next? Drive Learner Retention and Adoption

It would be nice if your team spent every second of their training sessions hanging on every word. Xerox is here to rain on your parade, we are just the messenger. Their research shows that learners only hear about 13% of what is covered in training.


Add in the fact that 84% of sales training is forgotten in 90 days and we have a bleak picture. 

So what are enablement teams to do? 

Integrate. Reinforce. Recommit. 

In our December summit our head of Customer Success, Matt Airy, went over some tips and tricks leaders and learners can put into practice to improve engagement in training as well as retention and adoption of learning. 

Let’s revisit some of the recommendations now. 

First, the integration of learning into your run of business is key. It quickly demonstrates that the training has a lasting impact and that learners need it to know how to really understand and run their process.

Why? Telling someone something is important doesn’t cut it, they need to feel the pain of -not- knowing.

Learners need to be able to see how training is integrated into their jobs. Managers need to speak the language that is used in training, call back to the learning, and build it into the process of their team. 

When they see this it incentivises them to pay more attention in class or even re-register and attend again because they realized they missed something the first time around. 

To do this right MANAGERS MUST COMPLETE TRAINING either with their teams or prior to their teams. Leaders are leaders because they have experience, but this is about the details. Even if a manager knows how to run a good cold call, negotiate a deal, or have a difficult customer conversation ensuring they know the literal words and strategies from your prescribed training is the first step in integrating learning into a process. 

It is through this integration that you lay the foundation of reinforcement. Learning must be applied to be useful and they say it takes 30 days to build a habit.

Let’s hit some other ways you can work to reinforce learning that we did not discuss at the summit.

Morning drills. This can be something that is async or run in morning standups. If you already have a standup every morning, Instead of going around the circle and sharing your daily priorities, consider using the time to practice objection handling, role-play sales plays,  or other strategies from training.

Call Coaching. People learn by doing and when you are able to listen in to live or recorded calls and offer direct feedback you increase the weight of the feedback because it now has real-world implications. 

You can run this one-on-one, as a team, asynchronous or live – just build it into your schedule weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Be consistent with the timing and cadence.

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