What we’re Changing about Live Learning

Man looking at laptop

As a learner myself, I know first hand there are always opinions one has; whether it’s ideas for the better, recommendations for enhancements, or even a personal reaction to learning itself. 

Interestingly, 41% of businesses have experienced an increase in revenue since rolling out online learning to their employees. It’s also said that 90% of your energy is saved by learning online, rather than in a physical classroom. 

So why is it that even with higher energy and success in your role, there are still 49% of online students that are pining for VR to be involved in their syllabus?

Not that we’re complaining, but you have to admit that it’s interesting to see that students want, no, need… to see the utilization of key resources and tools to make the learning process, fun. 


How is SIA listening?

It’s not just down to the benefits of learning anymore. We need to keep individuals who are learning themselves, engaged. 

So, we’re delighted to be tackling this learning trend first-hand! Over the last quarter, we’ve stripped back our courses, spoken with you about how you want to level up, and we’ve now got a refreshed, exhilarating and exciting new learning experience on its way. 


What’s changing about Learning at SIA?

As I mentioned above, we spoke to you, your peers, your buyers… sometimes even your customers, and really learned about some key things. In no particular order, we dove into:

    1. In a year of economic strain, what’s changed about your priorities?
    2. What do you want to see more of in our content?
    3. Then of course, how do YOU learn best? 
    4. And finally, what’s your next job going to be? 

It’s not news to anyone that up-skilling in your role will only drive your own growth; both personal and professional. Whilst we’re focusing on developing professional skills across SaaS revenue teams, there are always benefits to ‘commercial’ learning that impact your personal life. 

But bringing it back to the core changes you can expect to see, let’s explore the exciting changes our members will start to see being rolled out over the next six months. 

You asked for more…

    • Time and interaction with SIA coaches and your learning peers, 
    • Help applying your learnings to your work and specific context,
    • Accessible options for learning (on the go and bitesize options alongside courses), and
    • Help navigating our offer to build your own career path over time. 

So what are we doing (right now)?

There are lots of ways we can respond to everything our members want to see across our learning offering. That and the trends I mentioned at the beginning are all about what typical ‘students’ need to see in order to stay engaged. We continue to iterate, design and listen. Any product marketer or product designer knows that never really stops. 

For now, though, you’ll start to see:

    • The redevelopment of some of our member’s favourite courses. We’re increasing levels of access to SIA faculty, multiplying opportunities for applied learning and reevaluating the learning duration making it more bitesize and digestible for individuals in revenue and leadership roles. 
    • Designing some core learning events for our members. (Before you huff and puff, no, this isn’t like one of those webinars you see all over the place… us included.) These events are going to be highly tactical, and interactive and as this will only take place for content that fits an event format, the walk-away value will really POP!
    • Bespoke opportunities with our core learning methodology. 

Plus there are all the extra fun things. New interactive games and resources, as well as redesigned learning, slides that not only align with our vibrant (!!) new brand but make it more digestible and supportive of all learning methodologies.


Yeah, yeah, but when?

We get it, we all frequently see promises of new features, change and advancements for the better, quite possibly across all tools in your tech stack. But we’re really not going to keep you waiting. 

We launched our new course – JOLT: Combat Buyer Hesitation – in November which started to introduce SIA members to all of the above. 

Then to top it off, Cold Calling Crash Course and Customer Success Fundamentals both launched their new cohorts this month that have been redeveloped already, too! 

Not to mention our exciting new course with Larry Long Jr. which is running in January for a *limited* time only. 4 x 30-minute classes running from January 17 – January 26 in response to the markets being down across the globe. Fighting Back in a Climate of Recession and Stagnation coming to your screens next month!

Plus, many many more exciting courses to come as we roll into the new year. 

So, a final message to all of our members…

You spoke. We listened. And together we’re going to see some BIG changes over the coming weeks and months. 

So keep your eyes peeled, and maybe you can even catch up with our first-ever Customer Impact Summit from earlier this month, where we dove into this, and much much more!